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  • Suicide: Breaking Through

    Today marks the seventh anniversary of my husband's funeral AND my cousin's suicide. I've learned the reason for suicide began long before my first attempt and, as it turns out, also is true for my cousin.

    New blog post: http://su.pr/2q1yeK

  • Suicide note: Check. Pills: Check. Goodbye cruel world.

    This is part two of my three-part series on suicide. This time we visit my second attempt and how deep into the abyss I had fallen before getting back up.
    New blog post: http://su.pr/1JM60g

  • I've just completed a 4-part series on my firstborn who was a micro preemie born at 24 weeks in honor of Worldwide Prematurity Day, Nov. 17, 2012. Join me on this journey that celebrates life and the human spirit. I truly welcome your feedback. Also, help me get the word out by sharing this with your social networks. Blessings.


    Part One, Ready or not here she comes, http://ow.ly/fepAC

    Part Two, The rough road to discharge, http://ow.ly/fgoTw

    Part Three, Finally home: Let the nightmare begin, http://ow.ly/fgoTw

    Part Four, Water on the brain, RSV, happily ever after, http://ow.ly/fkld1