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Share a link to your latest blog post. Also feel free to discuss how this fits into writing your book.
  • Following your own drummer.

    I blogged about great writers you used to have different professions, but decided to follow their inner drummer.  How about you?

    Let me know at www.lisabelmont.com if your inner drummer keeps you up at night writing scenes and describing characters. 



  • I just posted about my addiction to the Casey Anthony trial.  Along with thousands of others, I can't get enough of this circus of a trial.  Why?  And will I suffer withdrawal  symptoms when it's over?  Stop by to read my thoughts and share yours on "The Trial of the Century."  And, I forgot to mention in my post, do you agree that Nancy Grace is the meanest person on TV?  www.widowsphere.blogspot.com
  • I'm on tour with Blogalicious this weekend. The talk is freedom, from a woman's perspective.

    Visit me to read Oh, [ F r e e ] dom!: http://t.co/ZiXBrUj


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