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SO, I believe there is going to be a meet-up in Laguna Beach. How many of you are from OC? Wanna help?

Nominate places around the area for the meet-up. Do it by the 21st of June so then we can have  a vote from amongst those places. 

  • Hello Tinamarie,


    I think a writing group would be a very good idea. I've just joined one (will go to my first meeting next week), but it is in Orange, a bit of a commute for me working in Irvine and living in Laguna Beach. What did you have in mind? What kind of writing do you do?


    Have a good Friday,


  • Greetings - I just moved to Orange County and would love to join a writers group, maybe meet on a monthly basis to support one another and such. I'm in the Huntington Beach area and will gladly participate in an existing group, or if the need arises, organize one myself. Any takers?
  • Hi All,

    I will be coming tonight. One thing I wanted to clarify though was that I am a super-new-newbie, and at this point I am only a blogger! So, I just wanted to get that out there!!

  • How about we just bring along, in your head or on paper, your log line of what you're working on/completed.  Good practice.  Otherwise, just meeting each other is good enough!  I should make it for six o'clock.  Yes?  And Rukhpar I think that's a great idea, posting on your blog and tweeting.  I noticed in a post today, someone said they were from OC and to notify them when and where we were getting together.  Now, I just have to find that post and reply to that particular message.  Oh, dear.  Cheers!
  • That sounds good to me.

    I have a meeting in Irvine until 5:30 and will try to be there soon thereafter. Would love to at least meet everybody. Writing is solitary, but we need colleagues, friends and mentors. It helps keep the juices flowing.

  • Hey!! Sounds good to me!! So how exactly do we get the word out? Should I write a post on my blog and tweet about it also? And one more thing: What exactly is the agenda? Are we just chatting?
  • Oh ye of little faith!  Okay, I'm a day late in firming up details, lots going on.  So here goes.  Turns out Picayo in Boat Canyon is closed, so that's out, but Nirvana Grill, 303 Broadway, corner of Beach and Broadway, one block from the beach is a good choice.  Free parking!!! in the lot where they have big scary signs saying park and die if you're not supposed to be there.  But as Nirvana patrons you're good.  So, turn left at the light just before the light at Beach, park and come upstairs where they've opened the patio for the summer.  I didn't know how many would show up so what I've arranged is to show up at 5:30 PM (good everyone?).  Later?  I will post the time as 5:30PM on the site (hold thumbs I can find it!) : )
  • I believe today is the last day to come up with ideas. So, I guess we can vote tomorrow finalize it by the 23rd? How does that sound? That gives us a couple of days to get the word out to others.


    I nominate to meet up in Irvine.