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Tell us what Genre you write, your Twitter handle, and any other social networking links you may have (blogs, Facebook page, Goodreads, etc.). People with similar interests can stalk you easier this way :)
  • I write poetry. inspirationlisa
  • Hi All:

    I'm an author of mystery/suspense. My first book, Ultimate Justice, A Trey Fontaine Msytery, is avaiable online at Amazon, or at as well as other sites. I'm also on facebook and twitter with my name as my handle, @ryderislington, and I can be found at Goodreads and Shelfari.

    I have a blog at where I review books, author interviews, and do articles on writing in general, as well as character interviews. I'm workiing on book 2 of the series. 

  • I run which is geared toward blogging, promoting, writing and world domination with a focus on fantasy, scifi, and paranormal writers and reviewers. I hope to begin seeking representation for my manuscripts early next year.


    I'm most active on Twitter and GoodReads. All my other social network accounts are here.

  • hi,

    I'm a freelance writer concentrating on bookish topics. I also run the Women Doing Literary Things feature here on She Writes, and I joined Twitter a few months ago primarily to spread the word about this project. Since then, of course, my twitter feed has taken on an unruly life of its own. I'm at  @ninaiyer ; I look forward to hanging out with you all!

  • Hello, I write murder mystery plays for a living as Murdering The Text - @Mystery_scripts

    I also tweet separately for my  personal writing blog, Fi's Magical Writing Haven, through which I discuss, among other things, the fantasy novel that I'm writing - @fiswritinghaven




  • Thanks, Charissa.  It's nice to be part of this group.  I'm on Twitter @AllPearls.  My Facebook page is

    I blog and write short articles about pearls, fashion, SEO and business.  I'm new to this site, and look forward to connecting with more members.  

    A quick reminder to Twitter users to take advantage of directories like  You can write an extended bio, and list yourself in several categories.  It makes it easier for people to find you.



  • Thanks! Ana is the initials of my real name and I "borrowed" Marai from the writer Sandor Marai.