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I'm Kristen Elise (Kris).  Just stumbled onto this website and thought it was great!  So I joined She Writes and then I joined the "thriller writers" group.  I'm a fan of both reading and writing thrillers, and am happy to exchange manuscripts in progress with those of like minds. 

Aside from that, I'm a professional scientist (and willing to answer scientific questions for those incorporating such stuff in their work...), I live in San Diego with my two canine kids, and am working on my second novel (believe it or not, it's a scientifically focused thriller). 

I love to write, but I've always been a bit introverted about connecting with other writers.  I'm a big ham once you get to know me but I'm usually pretty shy about reaching out to strangers.  So, this is a big step for me!

Please feel free to say hi; my website is below for anyone interested.


  • I haven't!  But sounds like fun.  I like reading books with similar aspects to my own, if only to make sure I didn't unwittingly plagiarize the other author LOL


  • That sounds super interesting! Have you read Ann Patchett's new book? Her main character works for a pharmaceutical company -- good stuff.
  • Hi Amy,

    I'm a drug discovery biologist for a major pharmaceutical company.  I presently work on cancer drugs, but have a past in immunology and infectious diseases as well.  All of these things play heavily into my novels, of which I'm working on the second one.  Thank you for asking...feel free to check out said books at and my blog at  Cheers!


  • Hello Kristen amazing what we stumble on when we are wandering around the web isn't it? Im Dianne and I live in Queensland, Australia. Welcome to SW, you sound like the sort of person it is good to know when one is unsure as to what drug has caused a certain type of death in a victim and if indeed it was the cause of death at all. Hope you enjoy!