My First Steampunk...

So when did each of us first encounter Steampunk and what was the context?


For me it was a gradual thing, I loved the Jules Vern stories and then I got sucked into an RPG (I am a Gamer). From there I found out there was this form of goth-punk that incorporated Victorian theams and from there I was hooked. Now its gaining steam (heh) and I try to get my hands on anything I can about the movement and the genre.


How about you?

  • Well, I've grown up on Hayao Miyazaki films, and he always seems to enjoy making a steampunk world about his characters. When he did his adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle, I looked into Diana Wynne Jones' novel. That, and the Scott Westerfield trilogy Leviathan and I was pretty much hooked.
  • My beau came home from University one day and said that there were people dressed like a Jules Vern novel. We googled this phenomenon and found a NYT article on Steampunks. I immediately knew I wanted to be like them and have been fascinated with Steampunk ever since.