Alternate Chat Time/Date?
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Hi, pals. Asata and I are wondering whether others might be interested in a second Multicultural Writers chat? She lives on the west coast of the U.S., which makes the 9a.m. start time a very unfriendly 6! She suggests Monday, Wednesday or Friday, around noontime PST or at a later morning hour than 6.


Thanks so much. I reckoned that there might be interest, since many of you are on European time zones (at least, I think so). What do you say? If you're like me, these chats nourished your writing throughout the week (and longer).



  • I'm going to be late or miss today's chat altogether. My father's in the hospital, and I'll be visiting with him. Sorry for the short notice, but you folks understand.
  • Good job! Be sure to post it as your She Writes status update as well, so that others outside the group know about it.
  • The response from Julia, the community contact here:


    "Fantastic!  Why don't you check out the current schedule and see when you might like to schedule yours? You can pick any time that's good for you, with a 2-hour window of time between it and any other chat that might be going on. (For example, if there's a chat at 1pm, you could schedule yours at 3pm, provided that there wasn't another one on the other end until 5pm or after.  I think you'll find this pretty easy to do since we only have 1-2 chats per day.)"
  • I feel kind of silly now... 8:30am is even earlier than our usual time! LOL

    Someone let me know when they want to meet Monday, Wednesday or Friday and I'll be here.

    @Liza, I left a message for Julia Barry. :)

  • Fair enough, Liza. Oops, I didn't know about that second chat! Thanks for the info on protocol, too. Can't we just login and chat when there's no scheduled "official" chat time from the Chat page?

    Either way, please everyone... chime in on which times you would be interested in attending. I'll be here Monday morning, around 8:30, and expect to hang around until at least 9:30.

  • There's another Multicultural Writers Chat on Thursdays at 9pm EST (but don't quote me on the time). I originally contacted the She Writes communities manager to ask about changing the time for that one, since it wasn't suitable for people in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, etc. If you're interested in having one at a different time, I'd strongly suggest contacting Julia Barry (the communities manager), since it would have to be slotted in between other chats (there's only one chat application for the She Writes site, so there's no option for simultaneous chats.