When you DO get around to writing, what other stuff gets put back on the shelf and forgotten?

Welcome to all newbies!

 I am sorry you have to join our group. (tongue in cheek).

However, trying to keep a positive spin on things I titled it with "Write Eventually". That statement has actually helped me write, but not necessarily to get back to SheWrites very often. ; )


I am finding that varying the writing disciplines, poetry, short stories for children, rather than just writing plays, helps loosen up the web of procrastination. Sharpens the visual picture and wordsmith tools which our brains nee d.(Well, at least mine does.)


Right now, I can't wait to finish some of the writing projects so I can go back to cleaning house. Seems as if something always falls into the procrastinate ditch. I hate cleaning house unless I would rather be doing something else. (That doesn't make sense-but then-neither does my poetry.)


When you DO get around to writing, what other stuff gets put back on the shelf and forgotten? In other words, what do you procrastinate on when you are writing?



  • Everything.  Eating, showering, walking the dog, cooking and cleaning, school work, reading.  Once I start actively writing, I can expect the next 8-12 hours to be spent doing nothing but writing.  Getting up to use the bathroom is frequently a stretch.

  • Other than meals, you mean?  Oh, writing projects...hmm, well there is the huge project of editing my mom's letters from the far north that she wrote to our grandparents etc. while we lived in the north.  I procrastinate in writing my sermons, which isn't such a great idea.  Letter writing is something I used to enjoy but now I procrastinate with them as well.  Guess my problem is worse than I thought.  Oh oh...

  • Everything gets forgotten. I look up when I hear the Hubs digging around in the kitchen cupboards for food. Oops, did it again!


  • Hello. When I finally make myself sit down to write, everything gets put on the back shelf, housecleaning, washing, etc. Fortunately, there's no one here at home except my husband and cat, so it's not too bad. My husband waits patiently except when it's dinner time (we always try to eat dinner together) and the cat jumps on my lap when she wants attention.  On the flip side, when I'm stuck on a story, it seems like cleaning house and other things try to take precedent over me sitting down and actually working through the story. Sometimes I'll have such an urge to mop the floor when I need to be writing but I'm stuck - can't think of the next thing to say or what the next scene should be. I try to make peace with it by saying that even though I'm mopping or cleaning, I'm still thinking about my story, and I guess that counts, doesn't it? 

  • Housework is first to go, quickly followed by watching over the dinner (writing mode equals burnt dinners in my house), with Very Bad Parenting running close behind. Oh life is so much easier when I'm writing! Nothing really matters then except the next word falling on the page!

  • When writing meals get forgotten, something my husband deplores.  :)

    When writing laundry mounds grow.

    When writing, sermons get sidelined (obviously I'm writing other things other than work related).

    When writing plants go dry and dust accumulates.

    Hey, writing is a great way to procrastinate on housework.  Hmmm....I never thought about it that way before.

  • Everything. But recently I've been so busy promoting my new novel that writing was what was put on the back shelf. Yesterday I made a pact with myself that all I would do is write...and I did and I LOVED it. So after a quick step into the social media world I am going to do the same today.


    Sometimes you have to just push yourself to do it...and set downt he sponge and write :)


  • Yeah, like right now I look at all of the "spring cleaning" I haven't done for several springs! That is what I am working on now. My allergies are going nuts with the dust and pollen.
  • I would say that too, cleaning, I mean really cleaning instead of spot cleaning to just get it done. I can sometimes not cultivate relationships, going off into my own world. But sometimes I find the need to be selfish is how I get writing done.