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We've all got our favorite useful links that we keep mentioning in the weekly chats. How about posting them here? Add your links as responses to this discussion. Thanks!
  • I highly recommend The Forest for the Trees: An Editor's Advice to Writers by agent and former editor Betsy Lerner.  It offers witty, no-nonsense insights into the minds of agents and writers and the publication process...a smooth, empowering read.
  • I found this site, 1st BOOKS: Stories of How Writers Get Started, because of a novelists' group here; it's written by the moderator (also a published author). I love that she shares the stage with other writers, letting them guest-blog!


    This seems like a link our Danish pal Andrea might be especially interested in... journal syndicate which appears to be interested in thoughts from abroad--


    The Sphere -- My literary home, where I sometimes pull mod duties. It's smaller and quieter than SheWrites, and the people who run it also publish several fiction and non-fiction 'zines. A great place to connect with independent publishers and thinkers, for sure!


    I haven't kept my writing blog updated, but it's here: ... You'll find my published poems there.