Pennames: What do you think are the upsides and downsides? Any fave fantasy pseudonyms?
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What would you do if you were published in middle-grade, but you had a hankering to write erotica? An adult noir? A cookbook? Would you be tempted to use a penname?

  • That's a cool idea,, Miss Elaney! =) And it sounds like you gave it a lot of thought. That's important, I think. Not to rush into a pen name until the writer thinks through possible pros and cons.
  • I know I'm crossing the line a bit, but it's all good....As a writer of children's stories, I used the name Miss Elaney when I published a children's magazine years ago. I believe that children AND YAs "connect" and find relationship w/ creative names. My reasons, though for a different audience, still supported this philosophy. Since I was invited to schools to speak and conduct writing club activities, I preferred the students address me as students SHOULD address an adult....with a title of respect. Enter MISS Elaney, stage right. On several occasions, I was disturbed by the lack of respect young people show adults these days. Some would have the nerve to just call me "Jennifer," while others would actually say, "Hey!" My frustration drove me to creating this adult-friendly pseudonym and it has actally worked out quite well.

  • I think I am too vain for a pen name - I want people to know my words are mine nowadays, more than anything in the world. a twentysomething, I always liked to go by Lulu Plum. And I think if I ever tried my hand at erotica and published something, I might select a pseudonym for that.