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What do you write?

In English I write fiction, both a novel and short stories. The novel isn't published yet but I hope my short stories will make a path for it.


I don't know anything about fantasy and erotica.



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    y topic is Puerto Ricans this, Puerto Ricans that.  I live in Chicago but I write about Puerto Ricans possibly as a way to discover my ancestors.  My first book IF I BRING YOU ROSES will be published August 3, 2011 and it's about Puerto Ricans! Set in 1940s PR and 1952 Chicago.  I enjoy reading fiction from writers of other cultures (in America or otherwise) which is why I joined this group.

  • I've written poetry in the past, but am working toward a novel now. If I knew more about short stories, I'd consider writing those, too. The poetry's the only thing I've had published.
  • I write fiction and nonfiction - mostly creative nonficiton, but also some reviews and articles. I also write short stories for kids.