Publications that are looking for work of a multi-cultural nature
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Hi everyone:


I thought it'll be great to begin a discussion about publications (newspapers, journals, anthologies...) that are looking for work from writers who straddle several cultures. 


Traveler's Tales is a great place for travel writers and humor writers who have stories to tell about life in different parts of the world. One of my humor pieces got anthologized in "Whose Panties Are These?" in September 2004. Certainly consider submitting here!

  • Some of my favorite cross-cultural publications are KYOTO JOURNAL (Asian-related essays and reportage, some fiction and poetry), MANOA (Pacific Rim-related literary journal), and HERCIRCLE E-ZINE (international feminist literary e-zine).

    When my anthology, CALL ME OKAASAN came out, I targeted English-language magazines aimed at expatriates such as DESTINATIONS (publication for Shell employees overseas); A(way), in Belgium; Message Magazine in Paris; and Acclimate in Bangkok. Some of these magazines ran excerpts, others ran reviews.  The editors seemed quite interested in perspectives from other cultures.