Goal buddies, anyone?
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I'm looking for "goal buddies". I'd love to work with someone who could keep me motivated, and vice versa, when it comes to my writing goals. It doesn't have to be anything hard and fast; anyone can make up their own goals and report to each other, say, every two weeks.


Anyone interested?

  • Farzana, thanks so much for offering to read my story. Once I actually finish writing and type and revise the first draft I will be handing it out to everyone who can read, promise! But it's not even finished. That's my big problem. I think I'm going to have to handwrite it, which is fine--I've just been using Scrivener for the last few pages (thought I have probably 15 to 20 handwritten). Typing is not working for me!

    Fascinating stuff on the languages! Are all three commonly spoken in India? Once again, pardon my ignorance. My only exposure to Indian culture is the incredible food. There are not many people from India in Kansas City, though we have quite a few people from Mexico and South America (which is awesome because the Mexican restaurants here are out of this world). Spanish would be very helpful for anyone I think--more and more people from Latin countries are coming to the US, and while most of them know some English, I think it's necessary to be able to speak Spanish so we can all communicate. Chinese would be good just because of how economically powerful China is getting. I would really her to learn Korean, so she could have a cultural connection (she will already learn how to speak my native language, Redneckian, at home). I think my mom-in-law misses her family quite a bit, and since my daughter is her only blood family, outside of her son, it'd be nice for them to have that. We shall see!


    Farzana, you go! You are ridiculously busy and still getting it done, yay! I finished reading a guide to MFA programs by Tom Kealy last night and am starting on the New York Writer's Workshop pocket MFA. It purports to teach me everything I would already learn in an MFA program, so I'm very excited to see what I can learn. I'm also still getting through Laurie Alberts' Showing and Telling, which is fabulous. Alberts teaches at VCFA, one of the top low-residency MFA programs in the country. So I'm also very excited to see what that has to offer.


    My goals today are to start revising my short short, get through the first chapter of the math GRE stuff and read the first section of the pocket MFA. 

  • hi jesse!  if you need another set of eyes to look over your grasshopper story let me know! it would be hard to advise you on POV without having read it.  bravo on your studying for GRE! you are getting  a lot done!  I also got up at 5:20 today - have to work Wed through Fri this week so will be getting up at 5am to get ready for work but hopefully the clinics will be slow and i can study at work.  I did accomplish my goal of studying 10 pages today.  i managed to do a little brainstorming for a short story yesterday and a bit of library research for articles but no work on novel or children's book.  well, we'll see if i can get to that later this week - if not then next week for sure! 

    gujarati and hindi are both derived from Sanskrit and share a lot of common words and similar words - i think that is why i am able to understand a lot of hindi is because i learned gujarati growing up.  my gujarati teacher says that if you learn gujarati, you will know 50% of hindi, and if you learn hindi you will know 50% of urdu (another language - also derived from sanskrit).  spanish and chinese are great languages for the kids to learn!  mine are also learning spanish and my daughter has expressed interest in chinese for some reason, i don't know why.  i would choose spanish if i were you so you can also participate and learn since you have some familiarity with the language. 

    tomorrows goals:  study 10 pages of medstudy; if i get any writing done it will be a miracle :)

  • Whew! Up at 5:30 and reporting for duty! Ok, really I was up then, it's 6:30 now, but I've been up. I promise!

    Sarita, your job is the one I'd like to eventually have--although I'd like to teach creative writing and composition classes instead of political science. How often do you need to publish for your job? You sound extremely busy and the green allergy is unfortunate. I've only ever lived in Kansas City--which can be a bit limiting in my writing. My husband and I are applying to grad school at the same time and we are thinking of our move to one of the cities you list (plus Durham and Austin, Tx). How many kids do you have? I'm starting to get nervous about my writing time. I think my daughter is getting ready to change her bedtime on me. Maybe push it back to seven thirty or eight, which is a problem!


    I'm laboring away on this grasshopper story, but it just will not come out. I've thought about switching gears and editing my short short for submission, but I'm afraid I won't come back to this one. This is what being a professional writer is about...pushing through hard times, right? I'm thinking about changing narrators. The story is currently written in close third person, but it's really screwing me up. First person or distant third person might be better for my purposes, but it means completely reinventing the story. I know this is the story I want to send in for my mfa submissions. Ok, I'm pretty sure it is. I just found a story I wrote three years ago that it turns out I actually like. Shocking. 


    Sandhya and Farzana, I've never heard of gujarati! How is it different from Hindi? (Please excuse my ignorance). I've thought about teaching my daughter another language, but it would be Spanish or Chinese. It's  a big undertaking as I have no knowledge of chinese and only some of spanish. 


    Ok, the baby is crying for mommy. Gotta go! More later.

  • hi guys! i really like the idea of opening up an independent chat or posting board that requires membership to join as we discuss ideas and other things freely here that others can also see....like jesse's idea a lot :)
  • Or I could just start a new, private group here on sheWrites, duh. Much easier and fewer passwords to share. Just search for "Goal Buddies" and request membership!
  • woke up at 5:40 today and only got in about 30 minutes to studying after checking email.  will do better tomorrow.

    ok so my goals - this is a short week for me because I have to work Wed-Fri this week so for TODAY and TOMORROW:

    • study pharmacology and stats for my boards (up to one hour) today, tomorrow study total 2 hours (get up at 5am)
    • write 500-1000 words on my novel
    • brainstorm ideas for short story (WD competition, thanks Sandhya for the reminder!) and YA
    • library for research on magazine writing
    • continue to research children's book (read, notes)

    Wed-Fri will be mostly studying days since I am working, but will continue to read and maybe brainstorm at night

    is there a clipboard we can use to post our goals so we don't have to keep flipping through all the posts?


  • Hi all,

    Sorry for not being on here this weekend--world war III at my house. Still completely exhausted. Hopefully I can get a few pages done this evening. I finished studying for the verbal section of the GRE (first round of studying. I've got to go through the Manhattan books after this). Here are my goals for the next two weeks:


    • Finish studying for the math portion of the GRE in the Princeton book
    • Finish the first draft of my grasshopper short story
    • Revise my short short and find somewhere to submit it
    • Write the fourth chapter to my novel

    Whew! Here's hoping! 

  • whew! what a day!  i hope you all had a productive writing weekend - not so much for me but I decided that weekends i can use to at least read for research or whatever while the family is watching Harry Potter for the 1000th time,  so that makes me feel a bit better.

    Sandhya you are way better off than me with teaching your kids the language. that is a huge challenge for me too, especially because i am not as fluent as i would like to be - my comprehension is way better than my speaking skills and I am only now learning how to write gujarati.  i love hindi movies and can also understand a lot of hindi and speak a bit if I really have to but it is not my language.  since  you are fluent all you have to do is speak the language with your kids and they will pick it up.  i've read in families where parents speak different languages (or one speaks a language and the other speaks english), one parent speaks in one language to the children and the other speaks the other language.  this way the kids get both.  the best thing is for them to hear it constantly.  i learned hindi just by watching the movies growing up - it also helps that gujarati and hindi share so many common words so it makes it a lot easier.  also there are fantastic resources for teaching kids hindi - so much more than what is available for gujarati.  you are so fortunate that you have the ability to teach your kids - you won't regret it if you do, i promise.

    Sandhya, i'm really interested in how you do your freelance work - is it mostly nonfiction? do you write for magazines or online sources and what area do you write in?  i am asking because i'd like to use my medical background to write health articles for the public but i'm uncertain how to break into this field.  i tend to get bogged down in the research phase of the articles.

    i need to reformulate my goals for the two weeks - make them a bit more concrete. also i thought about participating in writer's digest competition but the one story i have that is polished i submitted already to a literary magazine.  i am trying to brainstorm for other ideas because i think it would be good to enter.  i guess i can make that a "goal".

    i am working on multiple projects and i agree that it keeps you from losing your enthusiasm - it helps to switch gears.  that is why i want to do research and practice clinical medicine - i don't want to get burned out just doing one thing all the time - it gets boring.

    sarita, i want to reply to you but I am out of time right now but i will hop back on later - we are so glad you are here - you sound like a very interesting person with a lot to offer.  I went to Barnard by the way - which college in NY do you teach at?  don't say if you don't want to :)

  • Good morning ladies.  As you can tell, I'm online sporadically.  Partially because I find that when I'm online I tend to surf uncontrollably and get very little writing done.


    @Jessie and Sandhya:  Thanks for the warm welcome.  I get up pretty early as well (between 4 and 4:30 to write until 6).  My kids go to school pretty early so I have to carve out time before the house responsibilities start.  My writing goals are to complete a revision to submit to an edited book, to finish revising three articles that are at various stages of *messy*, and to get back to my book manuscript.  I am an assistant professor at a liberal arts college, teach Political Science and Political Theory courses.  I am currently teaching a course which is based upon my book, titled, Improvising Politics:  Citizen Engagement in an Age of Democratic Disappointment.  The project is a work of nonfiction based upon my dissertation, which is nearing the 8 year mark.  It honestly feels like a baby that wont come out.


    @Farzana: LOL!  ROFL!  It's so funny, I learn from a lot of people that my name is a common Indian name.  Unfortunately for our group, I'm just a boring African American woman whose married to an amazingly supportive man who happens to also be black.  I'm of course being facetious, but I do love that our group is incredibly diverse and seems so welcoming.  We live in New York currently, but have lived in Michigan, Chicago, and St. Paul, MN.  I'm a southerner at heart, having been raised in Georgia.  On top of trying to write again, I'm parenting a child with high needs and just learned that I'm allergic to all things green (i.e. tree, grass, and nut allergies).  I'm 41 and have lived my entire life with acute asthma and now I know why.


    I will schedule time each week to check in with you all.  My goals for this week are:

    (1) Finish the revisions for the book chapter (about 3-5 pages left to do)

    (2) Begin editing the presentation from my Columbia talk for submission to journal


    I can't commit to more than this due to the heavy demands of teaching at my college.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!  I'm going to take some time to walk today to spend sometime outside as well.


    Be well,