Is anyone scared of you?
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When I started to write thrillers, it never occured to me that I might frighten off anyone. But I must say I am treated with a certain amount of 'respect' that has nothing to do with me as a person. My husband for instance Is constantly giving me little sideways glances that have nothing to do with romance and when I asked him about the puppy dog looks, he said that he finds it exceedingly hard to get to sleep comfortably when I am reading or writing a murder plot. Poor dear! Then when my four boys attended high school they informed me that their friends were scared of me because I write murder stories. Well I never! Little ol' me? I am just a pussy cat.
  • It seems that there are a few of us who suffer the same discrimination for writing 'on the dark side'. Crime, with all its facets is only one element of writing making up the fascinating genre of thriller writing. But it seems no matter how we search our imaginations to write a thriller without conflict is a contradiction of terms. 

    For those of you who may inwardly have battled with the concept that a good girl does not think along the lines of an horrendous murder or brutal kidnap and rape, remember that that for a story to have any sort of interest value at all there has to be conflict(in other words, trouble disturbance strife pain), a bad element so that the good can conquer.

    Dare I say it but ' Long Live the Bad Guy'. 

  • Hi there Brandie sorry that it has taken me this long to get back to your comment. I an a  Christian too. I undestand your problem regarding how others perceive Christian writer. My dear old mum, is forever despairing of me and she tries to encourage me to write 'uplifting things'. 

    My family usually see the funny side but there are some members of the family that change the subject when they find out I write murder.

    Another thing we have in common is the ability to profile and predict the perpetrator of the crime. I enjoy British crime shows. I do write other genres but find myself continually draw back to the thrill of the chase


  • Glad to know that I'm not alone in this! What makes it so bad for me is that I am a Christian writer and was shocked when people kept telling me that my book was so suspensful. My husband told me he was concerned for how my mind works and why do I like the crime shows and is particularly disturbed by how I usually know whats going to happen and why. I think he is still reeling from the fact that I wanted to be a forensic pathologist. If they only really knew how my mind works...I'm a big softie who wouldn't hurt a fly, but it never hurts to let him sleep with one eye open when he makes me upset.;)
  • My husband is the same way...anything police, murder, gory. He even falls asleep with the contol clutched in a grip with strenght of crazy-glue...
  • Well thank you for not imagining me that to hide in plain sight.

    I watch so much violence on TV... All the CSI, every police drama. And people say there is nothing on, I can always find a good murder.

  • I too am writing a thriller. I also watch a lot of real life murders (husbands killing wives or the other way around). It does keep my husband on his toes. I like it this way...;) But kidding aside, I could never imagine YOU as someone who'd plot murders...


  • It's good to keep the men in your life a bit frieghtened.. keeps them on their toes.

    I remember when my son was 7 or 8 he asked me if I had the chance to be anything I wanted to be what would that be?  I ofcourse qualifed that that meant I wouldn't get caught, Mommy doesn't do prison.   When he confirmed, I told him I would be an hired assassin. 

    I never realized how much that conversation had stayed with him until he was about 12.  We were arguing over something and he said, "Never mind, I just want to be able to close my eyes at night."  I was confused and he reminded me what I had said and that he didn't want to make me too angry.  I thought about it and all of a sudden some past disagreements made sense, why he backed down so quickly.  I assured him that he was alway safe, clearly he had missed the part about "HIRED".

    I know that my bookcase in my home office has made people leary.   The Book of Posions, Making Crime Pay, etc.