Memorable Characters - name your favorites
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Tell us who some of your favorite characters are. They can be from books or movies--or even real life--but what makes them memorable in your opinion? What makes them stand out?

What you share here can help us as we write/create our own characters and try to make them connect with our readers.

Even if YOU have written a character that you love, tell us how you did it :)


  • I have to say my favorite character of all time is Dorian Gray from "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Even though Dorian is selfish, childish, and cold, there's something about him that is so real. I think that his desire to stay young forever is something that most people can relate to which makes him appear tragically human. His realization at the end of his life that he's spent his time being selfish and petty comes too late, and I think this is a lot of peoples biggest fear. In a way, Dorian represents everything we don't want to be, so we strive to be better after reading his tale, which makes him a memorable character.
  • Wow, this is a great idea!  I wrote a character when I was still a teenager that has stayed with me amazingly and will be used if I ever ever complete a novel. His name is Sid Lansing. He's a very independant guy who cant be taken in by anything easily, his motto is; "Most people fall into things that are immoral, illegal or just stupid, Im not into anything." He seems lazy but its just that he sees nothing worth getting all excited about, so he is perpetually calm.


    I also just finished watching the complete series "Lost" on Netflix and Hugo Reyes "Hurley" takes it as best character hands down, and what a trip that he became the one at the end that got the job! I loved his very real and honest reactions and observations which I think is the average person and not the "stars and heros" we all wish we could be. I wish this character were a member of my own family. "Lost" was unique for its very thorough character studies and I would think a necessary must for would be authors to watch for that reason because it shows why people do things from the insde of thier lives which tendds to make us tolerant of even the most obnoxious and immoral among them unlike in real life where we dont know those things that would make us be more tolerant of one another if we knew all that. 

  • Sabrina Fairchild from the movie Sabrina...She was so optimistic and a dreamer. I enjoyed her love of a childhood romance but as she got older realized that it was no longer what she desired. She reminded me so much of myself. I had a teacher in college that told me that I was a hopeless optimistic person that would get swallowed up by the world. I thought it was harsh but I am a dreamer and I still to this day believe in dreams just as Audrey Hepburn's character.
  • My absolute favorite character is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She is witty, she is flawed and there is something about her that just speaks to me. Perhaps it's the intensity of her emotions...
  • Since the main character/narrator, Rosalind, in my book relies on stories from her past to move the plot along, I have sought out characters that tell stories from an adolescent perspective.  Think Francie from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and more recently Berry from As Hot As It Was You Ought To Thank Me.  Then there is my favorite character, Scout, from To Kill A Mockingbird.  Now, I don't find myself drawn to adolescent themes but to the unique perspective of a child as told through the wisdom of an adult or maybe just a very clever, very intuitive kid.


    How did I write from this perspective?  I learned from the best!  I listened to stories growing up.  Stories from relatives, old folks, patients of my father who frequented his tiny 13-bed hospital and called him for house calls around the county.  I went along with Daddy and listened.  For hours sometimes.  While writing the book, I also listened to the master story teller, Kathryn Tucker Windham.  Her voice echoed in my head as I wrote, its lovely Southern lilt lulling me into a creative mode just as surely as opera.  Because of her and another writer, Rheta Grimsley Johnson, I embraced my Southernness, stopped trying to hide characters in "child from anywhere" scenes, and the stories flowed.

  • Stephanie Plum - Naive, pee-in-your-pant-hilarious, adorable, attracts trouble and two really hot guys. Just love her! I want to meet her!

    Edward Cullen - Inhumanly passionate about loving Bella, makes her wait until they're married for xxx, not for any other reason but that he loves and respects her!

    Josey Jones - My time-traveling teenager, mostly because I had a blast creating her. I traveled to west Texas and *found* her story in a museum. I sat inside of a restored wagon and she *told* me her story. She's a do-gooder, loves her family, loves her friends, and makes the best out of a scary situation. She's steadfast and tough.

    Jaime - Outlander, because I want to marry him! Strong, passionate, loyal, determined-sometimes too much, and he would go to the ends of the earth to save Claire. 

    Sookie Stackhouse - Because she rocks, she finally hooked up with Eric-the hot, viking vampire! she's strong, sassy, humorous, and strong as a rock, and about as southern as they come.

    Scout - witty, good-hearted, adorable, a typical kid of the south, loves her father fiercely, and believes in seeking truth.


    Oh my, there are so many more! I don't want to hog all of the space! If not many respond, I'll check back and keep going with my list! Fun post, Zetta!

  • Horton - Kind, selfless and willing to go to the ends of the earth to aid people he doesn't know, and that most don't even believe exist.

    Heathcliff - Misunderstood and tortured. A master minipulator.  Goes from good guy to bad guy to good guy with the turn of the page.

    The princess from The Paperbag Princess - Does what is necessary to save her prince, smart enough to dump him for being such a prince.