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I think we should mark the anniversary of the BP oil disaster with some kind of awareness event...or something.

What do you think? Maybe some kind of coordinated effort that we can do on the same day/time to get people thinking and talking and remembering what took place. Not only that, but to get people to buy the book and help raise money for the charities.


Please post any ideas or suggestions here. They will be appreciated! :)

  • Hi Ginger - did you get the email I sent you? I think it was yesterday. But it's about how to get stuff for an event.
  • I heard on NPR yesterday that BP is due to start drilling in the Gulf again.  I'll think of ideas - maybe each author and editor and round up a group of friends for a house party/reading on the date?  I actually have a group of friends that would like to host an Oil  & Water book party for me, so I would like info on the best way to have people obtain books in such an event.  Are there order forms we can have people fill out at the event?  


  • If anyone needs promotional flats for an even - let me know. It'll have the cover, a blurb, and places where they can get it.

     But I need to know well in advance if it's for a specific event.

    If you just want some to have on hand, contact me at editor(at)

  • Melanie what a great idea.  There have been so many times that I've wished I had something to pass out regarding the book.  You have inspired me!

    I just addressed a group at the CUNY Graduate Center in NYC about the book at a session focused on the anniversary, and I've been asked to discuss it at an event at my college later this week. It occurred to me that for those of us who have been going out and speaking, that we need something to hand out or leave with people that will remind them of the blog site, the Facebook page, and how they can buy the book. I will try to do this if I find some free time (ha -- what's free time) in the next week, and email the page to others so you may print out, but others please feel free to take a stab. -- Melanie

  • Great ideas everyone. I'm still struggling with clean-up here so not quite functional yet. I finally got online late Friday afternoon. The blessed phone man not only got me up and running but gave me a "lagniappe" and hooked up my wifi thingy which he is not supposed to do but he knew my grandparents, etc. So, I'm playing catch up. The 85 year old mother who has been a journalist most of her adult life loves the book and has all kinds of ideas for things to do here locally so I'll be back with more in the next day or two. Plus new photos of how things look now, local news etc. 


    I like the idea of Countdown to the Anniversary. Thanks everyone. Nicky

  • Karen great ideas!  I have a twitter account but don't use it......I need to.  I'm going to add your list to mine.  The more we all do the more sales we will have and the more help will be given.  That's the ultimate goal.  Thanks so much for your ideas.  Awesome! Keep 'em comin' all!
  • Ha ha ha......Mistress promoter...good one Zetta.  I was in marketing back in the day, it's like riding a bike it never goes away! =) 
  • Those are some very good ideas Karen--even for a newbie! LOL

    But seriously, like you, I'm trying to get back into Twitter and incorporate it more. And you're right, you do have a blog as part of your She Writes profile. Just click on "Add Blog Post" and there you are.

    I think we all SHOULD post something leading up to the anniversary on our She Writes blog. It'll be similar to what's being done on the "Oil and Water..." blog. It can be on any aspect of the disaster that you want to talk about--the spill, the aftermath, your thoughts in general--and have it include a link where people can buy it.


    Maybe starting on April 1, we can have a "Countdown" to the anniversary?