Teen Writers: Are we overlooked?
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As a teenager I feel as though the public often overlooks teen writers, as though our ideas are incapable of carrying any weight in society. How can we get people in the publishing business to take us seriously when the majority of people our age portray us as spoiled, immature children?
  • I think it is very rare to find teen writers who are focussed and dedicated. I love to write and I'm just opening up to sharing my work. At times when I share my work out loud I even think to myself that it is a little juvenile but it's my life and what I know so we shouldn't apologize for it. We understand young adults differently because we are living it in the presents, right now. As opposed to adults writing YA who lived it previously and are now on the outside looking in. As young writers we have to come on to the scene strong and professional.

  • Anyone ever thought about self publishing? How about joining together to publish a collection of our stories? 

    Just a thought. 

  • They only way that I know to change things is to get out there. I read from one writer that he thinks the teen writer lacks the life experience that the audience is craving for - but thats stipulations for the adult audience. The teen reader is looking for an adventure and if we published books for teens that are written by teens then I think our critics out there would change their views. There has always been books published by teens but it has always been too few. In the industry most of the teen lit is written by adults, I want to hear what other young writers have to say.