When your office is also the playroom
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Do you try to write with little one's balanced on your knee as they eat a bowl of cereal? Are you trying to edit between diaper changes and playing Uno with a 4 year old? If your desk is covered with crayons instead of red pens, and you set your clock for 2 am just to write in peace...

I'd love to hear from any of you, moms,  who write in these kinds of "conditions"



  • Oh yes. Sounds like my house. My 4 and 2 year old boy, are very "creative".I feel like I'm always running except when they are asleep.

    I also stay up at night to write. There honestly doesn't seem a way around it. I'm a night owl, but the kids are very demanding through the day.So, some days I  sit and go... duhhhhhh. The other day, my little one comes in with a pillow and goes "mom, you nap today, I'll write for you". LOL  ( andmy family wonders why he's my "baby"

    Do you have anything published yet? Are you working on something specific?

  • It's hard, that's for sure! If I write at night (which I prefer), it cuts into my family time. My four year old doesn't nap any more. So.... lucky, she has a very creative mind and often entertains herself, loves playing outside, etc. (although, I can also look over and find that she's being inventive with... scissors and my favorite book). So I guess sometimes that works for me and against me. :-) I think my saving grace is that I don't seem to need as much sleep as the rest of the fam and often stay up and give myself a few extra hours in the day.
  • I have two boys now and, if G-d allows, one more in the future.

    I finished school and grad-school with my son in my arms.  To get a PhD in physics and take care of the family was hard. To find time to write (as a hobby) was even more difficult.  In my case, I had no option; I had to finish my studies or starve.

    One thing you can try is to work with the idea "my turn, your turn."   Play with your child and call it "his/her turn".  Then, claim "your turn" when you "play" with your laptop.  When you edit, read aloud; they love it.   Other tip: have a recorder at hand.  If you cannot write, dictate to yourself later.

    Good luck and happy writings!




  • I write when I can. I'm not a day person at all so in the mornings I"m pretty  much on autopilot. But come afternoon after all the housework is done, I'm raring to go. So is my son when he comes home from school. Although, it's easier now that my son is 10. Sometimes though he'll be in and out of the room 50 times asking questions. It's like when you get on the telephone, all of a sudden your kids just have to talk to you or it's the end of the world.
  • I turn on Cars on the nights I have my online writing group, and I use nap time almost exclusively for work, though I sometimes find it hard to transition from mommy mode to creative mode.  I am lucky that my son (2.5) can entertain himself a bit, though he often tells me to "close this" referring to my laptop.  He goes to preschool three mornings a week, and I'm thinking of increasing next year to give me more time, though that time also often gets eaten up by appointments.  It's a challenge, that's for sure!