VWCG Mixer: Post Your Introduction Here!
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Since we're all so shiny and new, I thought I'd kick off the thread.


My name is Jayme and I write a mixture of erotica and environmental stories. I've had one story published (through Ellorah's Cave) and hope to have more follow soon.


I'm a wife & mother to three (15/girl, 13/boy, 9/boy). We have a dog and a cat (who plot regularly to overthrow the establishment) and live down in South Florida.


So...that's me. How about you?

  • Hi My name is Tina and I am new here. I live in the Texas hill country and I love to write. I have one published book on Amazon Called Jessica's Haunting. It was self published through createspace and is also available on Kindle.

    I am in the process of writing a three book series. I wrote the second book first and now have gone back to write the first one. I like doing things the hard way. I have 3 kids and four grandchildren. I moved away from erotica when my first book was read to my grandmother and they had to skip large parts of the book. So there is still romance in my books just less sex.

    I am looking for help to keep me on track. I had three strokes two years ago and my writing has suffered. I tend to get lazy in my writing and leave out actions taking place. I have been told I use too much dialogue.

    I love to read most types of books fiction and non fiction. I don't do real well with poetry, or horror.

  • Yes, the emails from here still 'go through.'  :)  I think there's just as much 'discussion' here as there is at Yahoo.  Most of the emails I've seen from Yahoo have been "I'm uploading," "Got it!" and "Thanks for reading."


    I think I'm almost done with my research, although I found some new links just yesterday.  I was simultaneously happy (more documentation) and irritated (fitting more text into the statement).  I'm looking forward to getting back to reading everyone's work (after trying to catch up with what I've missed so far).


    Good luck, Sara, keeping the pee-fallout contained, and the vomit advice definitely shows you've got parenting chops.  ;>



  • Welcome, Sara. Yes, alot of us have moved to Yahoo but still hang out here in She Writes so you aren't all alone at all. And those of us using docx can certainly save it to a doc file, if you remind us you need it that way! Looking forward to reading your work, sounds like a fascinating premise.
  • Sigh. I came to this way late. I have just read through 46 pages of introductions and I'm thinking I'm about halfway there. I know you've moved to a Yahoo site, so I don't know if anybody is reading this thread still.

    I'm Sara Selznick. I've got two kids, one of whom is three children put together, one very shaggy aussie shepherd mix and one irritable tortoiseshell cat. All of the above pee around the house with some regularity, though the son has begun to limit his leaks to around the toilet.

    The husband does not leak. He even helps wipe up.

    I realized I was now an experienced mother the other day when someone who was thinking about having children asked me for advice about parenting and the first thing that came to mind--and this was a serious thought, as good advice-- was "try to catch the vomit on your shirt. It makes clean-up much easier."

    Perhaps they could market me for birth control?

    I'm writing a literary novel about a hundred years of African-American history intertwined with Eastern European Jewish history, with all the parallels--good hair, bad noses, passing to survive, pogroms, and the way those external bigotries can be internalized and inherited---as told through the inhabitants of one house in Los Angeles. I've been working on it steadily (with time off for moves and pregnancies etc and working during stolen time as we have no childcare) for five years now. It's a complicated structure--not my fault, it screamed at me to write it that way--and I am therefore looking for people to read chunks at a time and see how they hold up. 

    Somebody let me know if I am posting into a well here--i.e. if you have all moved to Persia (okay, Yahoo) and I'm singing to the night.


    Also, my computer is vastly aged. I can't download docx files. Will I still be able to read people's posts?


    I'm glad you started this post, though, and I have enjoyed reading your back and forths and getting to know you through them.


    Sara Selznick

  • Wow! Thanks for the lovely welcomes, Valerie and Henya.


    Valerie, I followed a thread about your project and groaned for you. Research can be a lot of fun, but it sounds like you've got your hands full, woman! I don't envy you at all. As for RWA, I didn't go to nationals this year because I couldn't spare the time. A dear friend is taking notes and pictures for a couple of us so we can "share the love," though. For some reason, your cousin-in-law's story popped a picture of Dorothy's ruby slippers into my head. ;-)


    I saw a recent post about your thriller, Henya, and it intrigued me. I intend to check it out in just a bit! :-)

  • Kathleen,

    What a great intro!!!!! Love it that you're widely versed in any genre, a good addition to our talented group. Jump in whenever you are ready. I'm already committing to become your reader if you want to be mine. My first book was an action/romance. The second (completed), is a thriller. I’ve had short stories published.

    Thrilled to have you with us...:)

  • I'm dropping in a moment from my research for a non-fiction project because you mentioned RWA.  A cousin-in-law and sister-writer of mine was sighing on Facebook about her shoes for RWA (they wouldn't be delivered in time and her husband has promised to drive them to her) so the coincidence of her comments and yours made me want to chime in.


    Welcome to the group, and also welcome to the other new members I've seen adding their introductions.