VWCG Mixer: Post Your Introduction Here!
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Since we're all so shiny and new, I thought I'd kick off the thread.


My name is Jayme and I write a mixture of erotica and environmental stories. I've had one story published (through Ellorah's Cave) and hope to have more follow soon.


I'm a wife & mother to three (15/girl, 13/boy, 9/boy). We have a dog and a cat (who plot regularly to overthrow the establishment) and live down in South Florida.


So...that's me. How about you?

  • Welcome to the group, and cheers on moving to Rome.  Good luck with all the i-dotting and t-crossing involved in transatlantic transfers, and especially on that house!
  • Easy, just go here Back to Virtual Writers Critique Group Discussions, press the add + and post your submission. At the heading, state title, genre, word count. In the body of your post, state your request...meaning what you'd like your readers to look for exactly, etc. Then attach your ms. Then wait for all the good people to come back to you with their wonderful observations.


    PS...remember to reciprocate. It helps. We are all busy creatures. :)

  • Hello all.  I'm Ette.  I'm a freelance writer who is relocating to Rome in a few months.  Since I’m moving and trying to sell my house, I haven’t been able to write much except for the sporadic posts on my blog. 


    Most of my critiquing experience has been in academia working with students, so I’m looking forward to working with more creative material.

  • Lovely meeting you Aundria. I know how you feel about "stolen" titles. I started writing Blow Forward three years ago...And wouldn't you know, a new TV show using the same title (where did they get it from?). Looking forward to getting to know you better through your writing.