Any thoughts about the coming of spring?

When I was growing up, it seemed that the farm came alive in the spring.

Sure there was a lot of snow melting and muddy days but there was a renewed sense of life as spring unfolded.

I thought it would be great to share some thoughts, poems, pictures, now that March has arrived. Here, in Ontario, it came in like a lamb, which does not bode well for the end of March but we will just have to wait and see.

Here is a photo that I shared on my blog at PM_Poet Writer.

It is a Surge milking pail that I retrieved 

from the farm when it was replaced

by newer milking systems.

I treasure it as it sits at our front doorstep

in the city!

Each summer, it hosts some red geraniums,

the kind my Mother always had blossoming.  

Looking forward to any comments

about "spring" in your part of the

"farm, ranch, rural" setting!



  • Same here Deborah. Snow is swirling around, the wind is fierce! Just enjoying the day as I have a coffee and check the mail. Pre-snowstorm, went for a walk to our local pond yesterday. It was still covered with ice and snow. Spring will come!
  • Well, spring on the farm has been delayed. We're getting hit with another snowstorm. The forecast called for 3cm - we are well over that. I've got the fireplace on, my mocha coffee is cooling and I'm checking out this site. A great start to my morning...Keep warm everyone.
  • Hey Deborah,


    So glad to see that list of details--reminds how busy spring gets on the farm!

    The smell of soil is one that always stays in my memory.

    Best in these March days!


  • I think of the busyness of spring: last minute checkups on the machinery, the delivery of seed and fertilizer, checking the internet hourly for the latest weather update, and the long hours spent in the fields. I think of the warmth of the spring air and the rich smells coming up from the earth. My eldest daughter gets restless to get at her gardens and the men are eager to get in the fields. It's a time of anticipation, exhaustion and complete satisfaction. And then we wait...