Script Swap
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Hello, everyone! And thank you, Diane, for the e-mail inviting us to post here.  It's a nice reminder that we have a great resource in each other.


I'm about to start what I'm told will be the "last" rewrite before my screenplay really starts to go out. I've gathered some useful feedback over the last couple of months, but I'm wondering if a script swap might be a positive addition to our interaction here. 


I teach Playwriting to undergraduate playwrights and screenwriters, and I've done a ton of coverage for an indie film distributor.  I know we're all swamped, so I'm thinking more of a short, off-the-cuff response rather than in-depth coaching/feedback.  Any thoughts?

  • Nice idea, Cristina. And I love that you know better than to call any draft a "last" draft. Ha!

    How would you go about it? Perhaps we can post our script's logline here if we want it read and anyone wanting to read and comment can respond? Anyone else have thoughts on how to swap?