Poetry Challenge: Winter Farm Morning
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Can you write a poem, in three to five stanzas, about a winter morning on the farm?  Would love to see your words!  If you aren't a poet, give it a try!




Crisp and cold morning sun,

bare limb'd trees awash in red.

Snow, deadly ice crust gleaming,

Unbroken by hoof or paw.


Steaming backs in the sun,

Eating, drinking, waiting for spring.

Thick winter coats shaggy and rough,

Noses wet and ears cold.


Tails to the wind a'howling,

Backs hunched and heads down.

Are they wishing for spring too?

Bundled up to chore we shiver together.

  • Lovely haiku Patricia!  Thanks for sharing.


    They are Highland Cattle (the breed is originally from the Highlands of Scotland)...and the horse is Ranger.

  • Shanyn, so glad you shared the photos! The trees are beautiful. What kind of cattle? They look so warm in their winter coats! Great photo of horse--any name? Winter Haiku by Patricia Anne McGoldrick Snow is blanketing Fields for a hibernation Winter has arrived.