Boo hoo!
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The second of our TV scripts has now been rejected by the BBC. We plan to have another look at each script to see if they can be improved but the BBC are not open to looking at revised scripts. We now have to find someone else to send them to. This is a massive challenge as most British production companies do not seem to accept unsolicited scripts and most agents don't want to take you on unless your script has been accepted by a production company. 


A couple of people have suggested approaching American production companies but that would be a massive learning curve. Still, it's a possibility.


So we're in a bit of a limbo at the moment while we decide on our next step.

  • Hi there Fi

    I'm not up to speed very much but Sky seem to be doing some good stuff these days. They certainly seem to be giving some energy to the BBC2/4 target. Have you thought about approaching them?




  • Thanks Pauline. The BBC aren't the be-all and end-all but they were a convenient place to start. Thanks for the comment.
  • Unfortunately, Fi, no-one I know has the faintest idea who/what/how the BBC gatekeepers decide what to develop. And, as one friend who has a very long and highly successful career in TV said to me recently, 'No-one knows what they're looking for, and nor, I suspect, do they'!

    Sorry for not being any help! You could console yourselves with the thought that there have been so many good projects rejected, and rejection from the Beeb certianly does not necessarily mean your project is not good.

    Cheers - or rather, Commiserations,