Should You Incorporate?
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As a freelance writer, should you incorporate your writing business, blog and/or website?


  • Hi Carrie! I'm new too, so I am in the same situation. Lisa I read that clever names for companies can turn potential clients off for the same reason. For that reason, all my writing and my website will be my own name (after I spent hours trying to come up with a clever company name, of course) :).
  • Thank you ladies for your responses :)  I'm just starting out in the freelancing business-world so naturally I want to be sure I'm covering all my bases. 
  • This is a question I've been wrestling with for a while, but I've decided not to. Mostly because of the cost vs benefit. It'll cost me a lot, and the risk of someone suing is minimal. My writing and editing projects have to be approved by the client before they pay me, so I'm not seeing a risk. I'm basically a ghostwriter for my clients - if they don't like the final result, we'd work through the issues.

    If I grow big enough to have employees, then I'd incorporate, but as a solopreneur working on a project by project basis, I'm not going to incorporate.

    I've also had clients tell me they like that I use my name as my company - they feel it's a personal connection. Whereas with a company name, or an LLC or INC after my name, it would imply bigger company, employees, and possible lack of personal touch.

    I like that, so I'm sticking with what's working. :)


  • Why?

    Incorporation is expensive.  I think this only makes sense if you are really worried about liability.