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Hello fellow Mama Writers! My name is Lisa and I'm a stepmother to three wonderful children. I'm a writer and have been since I could first hold a pencil. I started out in fiction and didn't finish a LOT of stories. Wrote two novels in my pre-teen years. I guess you can call them "novels." I have them packed away in boxes, with care and love. When I was twelve, I got into oogy love poetry and then into angsty teen poetry and then in college - well, wait, I was still writing angsty poetry, but it just got better - I started to get published. To date, I've been published in numerous national and international literary journals. In 2008 a chapbook of mine called, "We Nod Our Dark Heads" was published, a chapbook about Alzheimer's Disease. In 2012, my my first full-length poetry manuscript, "The Sum of Our Burning" will be published by Salmon Publishing. So that's my writer self. My mama self was officially instated on August 29, 2009 when I married my wonderful husband. He has three kids and I love them to bits. We also have a crazy ex-wife on our hands. She'll be in our lives forever because, well, she is the biomom, but I overlook that sad fact and focus on the joy my stepkids bring me. Interesting how E. Victoria Flynn and I would meet each other the DAY biomom emails my husband and vaguely says she has blogs on record and will be sending them to his lawyer (we're currently trying to get more custody of the kids).... I have two blogs. One is a blog I've been writing in since 2004 and perhaps it IS too personal. I am naive about honesty, I admit it. I forget anyone can read it. My other blog is a lovely new blog about stepmothering. I listed it in the blog thread here. I might have to shut one or both down, depending on what biomom has "found" and will incriminate me with. Frankly, I'm terrified. On a better note, my stepmothering and writing came into beautiful harmonious play when I began to write poems ABOUT being a stepmother. I made a chapbook collection and named it "The Stepmother's Secret" (also the name of my blog). I look forward to meeting other Mother Writers and hope I can be of help and get some help, too! Write on! Lisa
  • Thanks, Cindee! You make me want to get back into writing my stepmom blog more. :) I'm so sorry to hear about  the passing of your brother. I am 32 now and it's horrifying to think about. I'm so glad that God sent an angel to help your family through that difficult time. Being a step-parent is a rare, rare thing. Thanks for reading!

  • Welcome, Lisa!  I LOVE your stepmothering blog and your heart for your stepkids.  I don't have experience step-parenting, except vicariously through my nephews (my brother's sons).  My brother died of sudden cardiac death at 32, leaving behind a two year old son and an unborn baby boy.  It broke my heart to think these boys would be raised without their dad, that my sister-in-law would be alone to raise them, but God had bigger plans and brought the most amazing stepdad into their lives.  Paul brought two of his own sons with him, and I have been awed at his grace in stepping into our lives.  You put into words what I have always imagined my nephew's stepdad to feel, and it's beautiful.  Thank you!  I look forward to reading more.