Have Any Marketing Ideas that Work?
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Novel Marketing Ideas by Marcia Fine If you want to create buzz, pump up your PR or foster more book sales, create another venue besides book stores. Book stores are great and a destination for readers, but it's not the only place for marketing. I’ve shared a table with many authors at retail book stores only to watch potential customers stroll by. What can you get them to do to stop by and chat and perhaps buy your book? First, stand up. Don’t be a lump hiding behind your books. Second, reach out. Greet people. Talk to them. Have out copies of reviews, bookmarks, a contest to enter and finally, offer a Sign In sheet so you can build your mailing list. I’ve set a goal of finding unique places to have author events. To market my recent novel, STRESSED in SCOTTSDALE, a triple award winner, I’ve been in clothing boutiques, a cupcake shop, art galleries, a vintage store, restaurants, book groups in private homes, a movie premier and recently, a spa. "The cupcake shop was very entertaining because women in the next booth were receiving botox treatments. That could only happen in Scottsdale, the city I love to satirize." My novel has a chapter with main character, Jean Rubin, at the spa with friends. "I approached Bliss Spa in the W Hotel to partner with me. They were so supportive and contributed to the event, too, by providing sample spa treatments, a brownie buffet, notifying their mailing list and creating a special STRESSED in SCOTTSDALE drink. I entertained the women by reading part of that chapter." Check out the link below to see what you can create! http://www.hauteliving.com/2010/11/haute-event-stressed-in-scottsdale-at-bliss-spa/ What can you think of that might be a good fit for your book? Think of the settings where your book takes place. Where do your characters like to go? What do they eat? How do they dress? Don’t miss an opportunity! And, remember, be relentless!

  • OMG, it's THE Marcia Fine!!! Hello, from a voice from the past...Lynn Adler. Imagine my surprise when your name popped up on an e-mail alert for this post. And now to see your pct -- you look great, as always. And that skirt and hose - good for you! I think of you so often. Would love to connect when I'm back in AZ (am at my house in CT working on another book about fascinating people - mostly women - who live to 100+ and are enjoying their lives). Cheers! Lynn ([email protected]) twitter: adler100