Experienced writer now attempting television.
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Hello Everyone, I am writing to introduce myself. I hope many of you will make friends with me. I have a new venture writing a television pilot for a dramatic series, on spec , of course- and would love advice or just conversation about this. Alternately please let me know if you think I am nuts. On a separate issue, I also need funding for a documentary -- doesn't everyone? - as well as more partners. I will put some information about that on different thread. I have always liked the idea of a community of writers. I learned -- at Squaw Valley among other places -- that community helps a lot. I started my writing life as a newspaper reporter at home and abroad and have published three books: two novels, one work of narrative nonfiction. There is more at http://barbarafischkin.com Now, at 55, I feel like a newbie at as I try to write this pilot. Weird but fun. I can see it will be a long haul. So, as I plough throw this endeavor, I would love to hear from anyone who has made a "genre change" like this and to know what your writing experiences are like. What's it like to be alone at the computer thinking about scenes, dialogue and action - rather than narrative that includes scenes, dialogue and action? I find I have to switch the way my brain works, while remembering that the goal is the same. To tell a story. I will, by the way, also soon be offering editing services on shewrites, as a preferred provider. But for journalism, nonfiction and fiction. Not screenwriting. I wouldn't dare! Glad to connect with all of you. with very best wishes, Barbara Fischkin
  • Shonell I know what you mean. I find the visual part of it so much fun. Years ago I absolutely rejected the notion that the image would surpass or even catch up to the word. I guess I was in Luddite-land. But those days are long gone. I now see that thinking about images is writing --it just requires moving the parts of your brain around a bit. (Should be easy.ha!). I am in the process of re writing a spec pilot - the whole point of view needs to be changed. Despite what I wrote above, I am not sure that this particular process is much different in screenwriting than fiction or narrative nonfiction. More on image: did you see Walking Dead? How about that for images? I thought it was amazing that such scary "pieces" could be put together and look so eerily beautiful. I am speaking about the closing of the premiere.
  • Good news with the TV writing. I'm in the same situation, having just posted off my second TV pilot to the BBC. Fi
  • Hey there, Barbara! I made the "change" a few years ago. I still write novels and short stories, but back in 2007, I returned to an earlier love, scriptwriting. I've submitted to some contests, was just a finalist in a big contest for a feature-length work, and I've written short scripts and a mini-series (the pilot was a semi-finalist in a competition). I have to say I LOVE screenwriting--probably more than novel writing right now because of the visual element and what that means in regards to structure and what actually takes place in the work. Looking forward to learning more about your endeavors!