Sleepy Hollow Books - excessive terms of agreement just for submission?
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I have a manuscript for children that might be described as magical/metaphysical, and I was excited to discover Sleepy Hollow Books (, which looks for exactly that sort of thing. But I find their terms and conditions ( Essentially they seem to preempt plagiarism charges, to the point of practically demanding immunity against such allegations. And this is just for considering the manuscript. What do you think? Is this as excessive as I feel, or is it reasonable? They're a new company, but does anyone have any experience with Sleepy Hollow or its publishers? Thanks!
  • At a guess, since they are a new press, they saw a lawyer who gave them this language, which is unusual for submission, but not unusual for a contract itself. Lawyers like an excess of caution.
  • I've had no experience with them. But I've never seen anything like these term and conditions for just the submission of a manuscript. It feels excessive to me as well.