Seasons' Greetings
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I have yet to post one single, solitary thing except a couple of poems with the poetry group. I'm busier now and have my fingers in more pies than ever before. This retirement gig is awesome! And then there's my blog entitled "Seasons' Greetings," except I haven't posted one word! The title? If you consider seven (7) years equivalent to a life season, then I've lived close to nine of them. "Been there done that" goes without saying when you're a Boomer. Been writing for years as a personal And lots of poetey. Whatever came out during whatever "Season." I'm just now feeling I have anything to say worth reading...that is if I can get around to it! I sure am glad I found ya'll!
  • Blogging has made me a better writer, but I've got to keep at it and have something to say. A couple years ago my husband built a treehouse, and it sat in the maples until it got taken over by mice. Last year he decided to offer it for rent as a sort of B&B on a website called airbed & breakfast ( We cleaned it up and have had over a hundred guests, some crazies coming even in the winter. I write a blog entry for each party who comes, and I believe the blogs are getting more interesting. I've always found it uncomfortable writing about myself, but I'm starting to add a few personal touches to my observations about our guests. You can check it out at I'm not suggesting you rent out a treehouse or even a room, but if you can find a routine of some sort that excites you to write, you'll be off and running. Best luck, Susan!