Standard Manuscript Formatting
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There are several websites that provide guidelines, as to the formatting to use, on your manuscript. In general, the rules are: 1-1.5" margins all around double-spaced no italics Courier or Times New Roman 12-pt font page numbers 5-point tabbed in paragraphs Chapter heading centered, in all caps...start new chapter at top of fresh page Page Header in upper right--Last Name/Title/page # Title Page--title, name, address, phone number, email, and word count
  • Hi Keri,

    I have never had the pleasure of working with this e-pub, but because they had (and I assume they still have) such a good reputation, I'll use this pub as an example of an e-pub. I will submit the link to their guideline page.

    e-pub is short for electronic publisher. You query through email, respond to the request for additional material by email, and are notified of acceptance (or not) through email -- you may get the contract by email or hard copy. Your work will be placed in an electronic format or e-book. The reader pays to receive a copy of the book, which she will be able to read on her computer. In short, electronic correspondence takes the place of hard paper. Note that the guidelines of what the editors expect heads the webpage. Scroll down and you will see the formatting guidelines. I have heard, but can not verify, that not following the guidelines may interfere with an editors' ability to format your work when it is time for publishing. I don't know if this is true but would love to hear from anyone who can clear up this hearsay.
  • Hello! How are you? You'll have to explain more about e-pubs...I am not familiar with what that is? So much to learn!
  • Thank you, Keri When I was looking for an e-pub, each pub seemed to have its own format guidelines (although most had the Times New Roman, double-space, and page header). Speaking in the e-pub vein (not the print. My present wip will be the first time I target print pubs), each e-pubs outlined its format guidelines along with its submission guidelines. (I am enjoying the groups. Keep up the fine job)
  • I submitted my first piece for review, at my critique group. I had overheard double-spacing being required, during another session, but had no idea that there were actually formatting guidelines...I wish my group had this information posted on our website! Anyway, I showed up, and along with other things, I was told repetitively to research my formatting. No problem! So, I did and shared what I found above. While I can't bear to part with the bits of flair I added to my manuscript (at least, not while I'm only submitting to my group), I plan to add the other elements.