Take Part in the She Writes Domestic Violence Awareness Month Writing Prompt: "I Will Survive"
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Hi there, Deborah, Founding Partner of She Writes, here. I am so very deeply moved by this group, and by The Survivor Chronicles. Reading the threads here and seeing what you all are up to puts me in immediate touch with the reasons Kamy and I started She Writes. Thank you for your presence here, your voice, your incredible spirits, your words. I have a writing invitation for you: For my She Writes on Friday post today, I created a mini writing-prompt campaign around Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It would be wonderful to see it take off. I'd be honored if members of this group would start us off with responses to the prompt and also send it around. I've linked to the Survivor Chronicles in the post of course! I'm taking the liberty of sending you the link to the post, which explains it all: http://www.shewrites.com/profiles/blogs/i-will-survive-domestic And a quick tweet/FB, if you do that kind of thing or have the inclination: TWEET: SW Domestic Violence Awareness Month Writing Prompt: "I Will Survive."Be witness. Honor survival. Pls share: http://bit.ly/96nHyn #IWS, #VAW - FB: Do you know a survivor of domestic violence? Participate in the She Writes Domestic Violence Awareness Month Writing Prompt: "I Will Survive." Be her witness. Honor her strength. And pass it on: http://bit.ly/96nHyn I'd love any help--or suggestions--spreading word among DV and VAW organizations. Please feel free to post ideas in this thread. But most importantly, I would really love to read responses to the prompt from members of this group. You have much to share, and I am humbled by your words. All my best, Deborah