So you've written a screenplay.
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Hi all. Our newest member, Antoinette, asks what to do now that she's finished her first draft of her first screenplay. What advice do you have for her? djw
  • Yes! Also, it's good to know whether your desire is to use the script as a writing sample to get other work with studios or networks OR whether you want to see it produced. Spec script=agents. Indie feature=producers. djw
  • Antoinette, First of congrats on completing your first screenplay. If this is the first draft my suggestion is to put it away for a month. Work on something else (the logline and synopsis of the script or another script) and then come back to it and proofread and edit it. Then have someone who is a writer or industry contact to proof your script for grammar and story. After you work on a few more re-writes then work on your query letter to submit to agents/producers. The routine gets easier with each screenplay. Once you are done editing you just have to get the attention of others. If you need a list of books or resources to help on your journey let me know. Cheers, Nisa