I'm well into my book - now what?
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Hi fellow bloggers! I'm well into my book now. I'm wondering at what point should I start shopping around for an agent and/or publisher? I live in Ontario - not sure if things are markedly different between Canada and the US. Any advice would be appreciated! Write on! S [email protected] www.fashionista2passionista.com
  • Hi Sharon, I'm in a similar boat. I'm not sure at what point you should start shopping. It seems like it depends on a lot of factors including how many readers you have and how large your platform is (depending on the book your writing). I've read on here that one lady sold her book idea off of 4 chapters. For me, I've been blogging 10 months at www.mycultlife.com and writing the memoir. However, I'm going down the book proposal route because I feel like I could sell my story based on a proposal rather than a manuscript. I'm going to use portions of my proposal to submit to an agent. From there, I'm hoping we'll work together to edit and shop around my proposal. Hope that helps, Lisa www.thelisakerr.com