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Test out titles for your book. P.S. They should reflect the logline/preface.
  • Stop there...what is WIP? You should add the definition to the Abbreviations from Hell discussion, because that is one I see and don't know what it means. From you using it, is it work-in-progress?? One of the members of my writing group suggested I think of titles but said my publisher (not that I have one...yet!) would probably change it. He did, however, say I should give my books' series a name...like Twilight saga...and that that would probably remain the same. So, you would have something like the Heather Wells Mysteries. But, hey, I can't say for sure myself! : )
  • Hmm. I thought I would use the main character's name for the title of my wip novel ...maybe I should think a little harder.