Personal News Posts Here, Please! Save the Wall for Publishing Industry News
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Dear PIN members, I am trying very hard to keep the main wall in the group to publishing industry news and conversation, so it won't become an advertisement wall. But do post your personal news here; no doubt active members will love to see what other active members are up to. If you post a graphic, please keep it small and discreet. Thanks! Meg
  • Thanks for this space!  My forthcoming book "A Guest at the Shooters' Banquet: My Grandfather and the SS, My Jewish Family, A Search for the Truth" Bloomsbury, September 2015 just got a starred Kirkus review. 

    I love SheWrites for the sheer scope of all the different commentary and support.

    Gratefully, Rita

  • Today I am celebrating Gay Pride with a KDP action -- free Kindle give-away of "Lesbian Marriage" --a book with secrets for every woman...

    My co-author and life companion Kim Chernin and I took the seminar by SheWrites Press director Brooke Warner and Howard van Es and followed their advice by the letter -- self-publishing with CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle as well as paperback. A lot of work (I wrote blog posts and articles here about it) and a lot of fun. We have published many times in the old model of NY publishing, and this is our first venture into do-it-yourself. Wonderful feeling to have creative control, but plenty of angst over final decisions, PR and marketing. We hired a VA (Virtual Assistent) and reached out to media and platforms and started selling right away in the top 100 in our (niche) category. We created a landing page for the book and revamped our websites. We began to engage with gay and lesbian magazines and blogs, contributing posts. I never dreamed self pub would be so much work!!! We are hopeful -- and nervous.

  • Question: I am looking for help finding an inexpensive but skilled designer to do a simple logo for my new small press...Any suggestions?

  • Packing to leave for Australia tomorrow. Sorry I've been gone so long, I've missed all the wonderful writers and friends, but I had to FOCUS on my book release. It happened Wednesday after many delays and I'm thrilled. My post yesterday, "PTSD / Diary of a Vet's Wife Appeared on my Doorstep!" will fill in the details.

    I hope to be on SheWrites while in Australia and connect with all that has been going on in my absence.

    Self-published with BookLocker. AMAZING people and product. My blog leads to my author page on their site. Take a look at their great work. The cost is the best and they handle the pains of distribution, Ebook, etc.

    Have a blessed holiday season with family and loved ones. Hard to believe 2013 is weeks away . . .

    Nancy MacMillan @

  • how do I friend people here, I'm new also, and would love to build community, also congrats on the reading in Leipzip, that is awesome.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'd love to connect in "real" life any She Writers who live near Pleasantville, NY next weekend. I'm going to be reading with short story writer Alethea Black at the Mount Pleasant library on March 11, at 2:00. Our theme is Music & Nostalgia, and there's even going to be a little live music and home-baked cookies to share. Please join us if you're in the area!

    Celine Keating 

  • Thank you Meg for creating this space. I will be visiting the Leipzig Bookfair in Germany and have a reading on 14th March at the Haus des Buches, if anyone is around, you are all invited! I have created an event on my profile, so feel free to check it out ,and of course to befriend me as I am new here!