What Resources Are Guiding You Through The Overwhelmingness?
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Feeling completely underwater, I considered several options to learn more about structuring a novel and working towards the best version of it possible, instead of just slapping something together and rushing to get it published. Those options included groups, classes, books, and websites. What worked for you?
  • And definitely please feel free to ask me any questions that you have on the self-publishing process.  I am among those writers who would be glad to share info and experiences.  Most of my own experiences have been positive, but I know there are plenty of pitfalls out there that we have to watch out for, even as we gain more experience.

  • I'm not as green as I used to be, but I'm still learning so much as I go along.  I'm attending a writer's conference next month to try and pick up some pointers and other good info from the attendees.  Other than a few of the She Writes group, I haven't joined any writers groups; and I haven't taken a class in years, so I'm probably behind the times on so many of the new trends in writing and publishing.

    Like you, I'm trying to be very careful with my work, and not just throw it together in a rush.  I've found several of the discussion threads here on She Writes very helpful and insightful.  I browse other blogs and read as many articles as I can from the bloggers who are also writers and published authors.  I also watch some of the Youtube videos from agents and editors.  It's all coming together slowly for me.  My next books will all be self-published, so I hope to make good use of the info I pick up.  I want to be credible and competitive out there.

  •   To get started I signed up for a three year writing course on line. This was an excellent decision on my part,It had been a few decades since I had sat in on an basic English class.I had the gift of a one-on-one Tutor and a valuable set of resources.

     I have invested in a subscription to Writers Digest for some years now. A great magazine for writers at all levels.  In my library of reference books I value two I have, authored by Sol Stein. Sol Stein On Writing,+ How To Build A Novel. As you develop as a writer, so many doors are opened to you. There is a whole world for beginning writers out there.

  •   Hello Keri.

    I have just joined She Writes, and have been browsing the web site. How are things with you at this point? I am not too clueless now, but I have had the help of resources along the way.

    Valarie H. aka Heather Rowan.

  • I very much agree there are a number of writers who willingly share their experience and ask for nothing in return. Some writers have blogs, some have websites, and some online groups. Go through the link lists on the sites of editors and agents. and you may find advice that guides you through the submission process and gives you the skinny on who is doing what in the publishing world.
  • I am finding that seasoned writer's are a wealth of information and encouragement. In such a competitive field, I am finding support from the vets, who seem genuinely excited in helping you see your book through. Network with them, when you can. There is a great community of them here. Don't be intimidated and don't hesitate to use them as a resource! You won't be sorry that you did!
  • I am reading Writing the Breakout Novel and have the accompanying workbook, by Donald Maass. He positions writing as developing a product and how to bring that product to market, so that it is the best version it can be and has the best chance to get noticed. As a Finance major with years of experience in the business and investment world, this approach made a lot of sense to me! He had me at the Intro! *giggle*
  • Currently, I have thoroughly read and done some exercises from the following websites: scriptologist.com thescriptlab.com One of my key contacts and supporters, in my writing group, writes scripts...obviously. The information on these sites is straight to the point, exercises are available, and one also has a nice glossary of terms, which better helped me understand what the hell they were talking about!