First Conference Jitters
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Yikes! I have three days left until I attend my first writer's con! I submitted my first 10 pages of my children's mystery chapter book three months ago and up until today, have been feeling confident. I keep telling myself, just breathe, and if the response is negative, to turn it around and use it in a positive manner. Anyone have first time experiences they'd like to share to comfort the worried? I'd appreciate anyone's advice or suggestions on how to handle negitive / positive feedback. Thank you in advance! (P.S. I posted this on the Children's Writing group as well. Sorry if it's a repeat for some!)
  • Good point, Tina. I was going to pass on the invite to phone chat, but you bring up a valid point about bettering the piece. I plan on emailing her a "thank you" this week, so I'll set up a time to phone her as well.
  • Terrific! Bwe sure and take advantage of the phone consult. That will let you order your thoughts about her feedback and talk about the points together to make the work better.
  • I loved the conference! I enjoyed the sessions and speakers. Unfortunately, my reviewer had to cancel at the last moment and she sent our critiques with a rep from San Antonio SCBWI, enclosed with a letter and an invitation to call her for a 15 minute phone chat. I waited to open my critique until I had left the conference. By the time I'd stopped at a Starbucks to read her critique, my head was swirling with tension! Her reviews were fair, helpful and rewarding. Maybe it was a blessing to have my first critique in writing instead of in person. Maybe it'll make it easier for the next one. I think the best part of the conference was listening to a panel of editors read over a stack of anoyn. first pages. It was interesting to listen to their feedback and discuss the pros and cons of each. Their discussions were insightful as to what each of them look for in a first page.
  • Thanks, Tina! I love the "be a listener" advice. I can do that! Someone else suggested that I take along the ten pages I submitted and make the notes right on it as they are reviewing. I just need to keep in mind that the feedback is only meant to improve the work, not insult me. Great advise! I will keep your idea in mind about the break out session. I will let ya'll know how it all goes! Thanks again!
  • I would advise you to try to be well rested, bring a laptop or note taking stuff and open yourself to the experience. Go to one breakout session that feels outside of your immediate interest - it's always surprising to do this. In your consult, be a listener. Know that your reader is giving you the feedback they think will make the work better. Take a list of questions with you of anything you want to know they might not address. At the end of the session there may be time to ask these questions. After the consult, make some notes and take a few minutes to absorb the conversation. During the conference join people you don't know at lunch, chat up your neighbors. Take your card and make connections. Have a fantastic experience!