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Hello Everyone: Hope you all had a wonderful week of writing. Danica Davidson, one of our members, will be featured week #5 with her picture and essay answering the question that is the name of our group, "Why Do You Write & What Is Your Process? Danica has also just started a blog. Here is the link. http://danica-davidson.blogspot.com/ I encourage all of you to go over and sign up to follow Danica. I have added her blog to the favorite blogs listed on my website. I have also added it to my Google reader and I am one of her followers. Congratulations, Danica. Every writer serious about publication in the 21st century has a blog. We support each other by linking and following each others's posts. At some point I want to organize a SKYPE call-in. How may people are going to be around Labor Day Weekend and would be interested in checking in? If you are please leave your name. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Take care. anjuelle www.anjuellefloyd.com Imagination is the key to freedom. The artist's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagination, and that of others.
  • Danica: Please feel free to visit my blog, http://www.anjuellefloyd.com and perhaps my post will spark you to think of what you're passionate about concerning writing. Also I am available to do a guest blog if that will help. And if you are interested in perhaps doing a review, please read the synopsis of my novel, due out in October 2010 and sample opening pages. I could use all the help from reviewers and bloggers that I can get in promoting it. Many bloggers review books and post them on their blogs, among other things. I would also very much understand if you are busy with your writing and don't have the time. Your writing always come first. Thanks so much And good luck. anjuelle www.anjuellefloyd.com Imagination is the key to freedom. The author's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagination and that of others. www.anjuellefloyd.com/books/keeper-of-secrets/ www.anjuellefloyd.com/books/the-house/

  • Thanks for your support, Anjuelle. I really haven't blogged before, so ... this will be a new experience. I'm open to any advice people have on making a successul blog.