Next Steps
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I know there are many of us who are disappointed about the results. But in order to take our minds off that, what are your next steps in working on your project (you know, after you throw away the Kleenex and grab a glass of wine- who cares if it's only noon!)?
  • Finalist and PP group member checking in :) Just wanted you to know some of us are here (though I tend to be more of a lurker in general. Ew. That sounds bad, doesn't it?) I love this group!
  • Congratulations Elizabeth! I admire your tenacity and it's a great example for me -- so thank you! I'm also not able to socialize here often, but I check in frequently and, like you, find the supportive atmosphere to be amazing. And good news from peers is always such a boost. Again, congrats!
  • YEY!!!!! I am so happy to hear this and am hoping that I have similar news to share this fall. Please come back to check in every so often to share your continued successes.
  • I both would hope but doubt there will be individual feedback. The conncting is undeniably valuable!
  • Hmmm, you know I always wondered with 291 entrants and only about 100 members of the PP group, ... where oh where were all the other entrants? Now I know - they're the finalists! I have enjoyed getting acquainted with all of you and was more dissapointed that I didn't recognize someone from this site, than I was bummed myself. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn and grow and will end up with an improved book, due to the experience and continued dialogues. I must also admit that I buddied up with a little rum... :)
  • I know the plight of a writer is rejection but I don't think it get easier. That being said, I now have 2,000 words that are polished and ready to set the tone for the rest of my manuscript. That's great! I'd love to check in and cheer you all on as we all pursue this goal.
  • I'm so glad you brought that up Rachel. I'm sure a lot of us are feeling that way tonight. I too would like to know what would have strengthened my submission.
  • I am so glad to be part of this forum, and look forward to seeing what happens with the final entry. I am wondering if there will be any feedback on our entries. I thought there would be, and perhaps that is forthcoming, but wanted to find out more. This passion project has been part of an amazing journey for me into the writing world. I know it is far from over, and look forward to the people and experiences yet to come. Keep writing, and keep connecting!
  • I was sitting at chemo today when I checked to see who the finalists were and was upset that I wasn't on the list but I feel it's been a good learning experience. This whole writing thing is fairly new to me and my book has been something I've wanted to write for years and I'm proud of myself for finally working on it and watching it come together. I have lots of work to do on it yet and I'll use all of the help I get from those of you here and others I know. I hope all of us will be able to complete are projects and successfully publish our passions!