Why do we write YA Sci-Fi or Fantasy?
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I'd like to hear why you prefer these two genres. What is it about Ya Sci-Fi and Fantasy that speaks to you? What books have you read from these genres that inspire you? What first got you started on this path? And why do you choose YA over traditional Sci-Fi/Fantasy?
  • Like the others who have already posted, I haven't focused on reading Fantasy/sci-fi, but I love fairy tales retold. But my biggest influence has been Robert J Sawyer. Hominids, Humans and Hybrids. Love, love, love. But the truth is simpler.

    I must tell the story that has attached itself to my soul. I dove into world building: designing the financial, political, and educational systems. Tons of research and reasoning go into setting limits on the magic. Huh, maybe I'm a control freak.

  • As one touched by the word disease, I do not believe it is choice but the fate dealt.  Since I must write I might as well enjoy the adventure.  Fantasy, especially epic fantasy allows me to wonder through new worlds unseen and unknown as the pen scratches out the history for others to follow.

    It started when my lovely daughter scraped her knee and I promised a story about a unicorn.  It now envelops me in the journey steeped with mystery and all the wonderful sensations of life to be played out as they wish - unbound and uncharted until I place it on the velum.

  • Peter Pan. Alice Through the Looking Glass. Wizard of Oz. All of Hans Christian Anderson - not the Disney version, though I love Disney but the real Anderson, especially The Little Mermaid... ahh, sea foam and the daughters of the air. I write YA/Adult fantasy because every good story needs a dragon. I write novels because my stories just keep growing like Topsy. I write YA because it is through fiction that reality is shaped.
  • I'm in the same boat I suppose. I don't know why I chose this genre, why it speaks to me, or why I automatically think of stories with YA/Fantasy elements. I also read a lot of Romance but I never write Romance. I guess...I like writing YA Fantasy because it REALLY takes you out of the real world. *Tee Hee*
  • Is it weird to say that I don't know? It's not really the genre I prefer to read (I tend to read a lot more romance and paranormal romance) though I do read it and do enjoy it. But for as long as I wanted to write--even back in elementary school, I always envisioned YA Fantasy (and because I am such a romance junkie, all the story ideas have serious romantic elements).