Let's Schedule a SKYPE Session
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I'd like to hold a SKYPE session where we can all gather and discuss the topic: "Who We Are & Where Do We Want to Take Our Writing?" Addressing this question means exploring where we presently stand, and what has brought us to writing, identifying that which sustains us then considering what we need to move forward. As for when we can gather of Skype, much of this depends on where we are located, i. e. time zone. I live in California and am on PDT. Let me suggest 2 times: Monday, August 23, [email protected] 9:30 am PT (10:30 MT, 11:30 CT, 12:30 ET) Thursday, August 2, [email protected] 12:30 pm PT (1:30 pm MT, 2:30 CT, 3:30 ET) When responding as to which time works best for you, include your time zone and Skype name. Click Sype, to create an account and join us. Looking to hear from you. anjuelle www.anjuellefloyd.com Imagination is the key to freedom. The author's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagination and that of others.
  • Katherine: Thanks for responding. As for whether you're the only person experiencing this problem, I really don't know. You're the first and only person to respond. And I don't know that anyone will be able to meet @ 2 am. I know I can't. Where are you located? How is 12:30 pm your time ? Also I suggest you sign up for Skype. It's free and perhaps we can see how it works for you. How about that? Hope all is well and thanks again for responding. anjuelle
  • Does Skype work well with a on and off wifi connection? It is really good at 2AM. It ranges from not so good to impossible starting about 3:30 in the afternoon. Through the day it is variable. I have tried Yahoo Messenger with this type of connection, and it was not satisfactory at all, so I am leery of Skype. Am I alone in this problem?