Dreams: How Do They Affect Your Writing?
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At the end of last week, group member, Emma French, and I had a nice exchange about dream Aristotle developed the 3-act structure for plays--and that we writers also use in framing our storie--from his observation of dreams. Dreams, like stories, hold a beginning middle and end. Like our stories hold both context and subtext, the content manifested in our dreams symbolizes that which our unconscious holds, but that we are not yet ready to integrate on a fully conscious level. Working with our dreams is much like revising a novel or story. The more we read and re-read, edit and revise, the more we uncover and clarify the story embedded in the narrative. Observing our dreams not only puts us in touch with our deepest longings and most authentic self. They also tell the most truthful story of the moment that is a microcosm of our lives. What do stories mean to you and your writing?
  • Sometimes, the most incredible part of writing occurs in my dreams. I dream better than I write, because I don't have my mental defenses up. So, if I can capture what was there, in the dream, and then expound upon it, there may be some piece of brilliance that would otherwise have escaped me. But, I haven't learned as well as I should have yet how to use that effectively to shape my writing; haven't learned to use it as a tool. It is like the age old adage - when I dream, I dream in color..and in context...and in prose...and in pulitzer.....lol.