Introduce Yourself:
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Tell us who you are. If you are an IR author, share your book news, web site and tell us a bit about your journey so far!
  • Thank you, Cardyn.  I love your name by the way!

    I'm in the process of finding writing groups.  It's been a challenge finding the right "fit" but I'm sure it will happen.

    I appreciate your kind words and support!

    Kind regards,


  • Welcome, Nicole! Cheers to you for your writing stamina and commitment.  

    Are there any writing groups in your area, like at the nearest public library branch? Depending on your personal preferences, sometimes receiving feedback in-person is easier and more constructive than virtual exchanges.  

    May you succeed in all of your endeavors, 


  • Hello,
    My name is Nicole and I am currently editing my first novel that features an interracial relationship. I'm so excited to see this group! I'm currently in the process of polishing my novel and hoping to get beta readers and/or critiques. Since this is my first novel I am quite nervous but also excited to get some feedback so I can move forward. I've been working on this novel for nearly six years now!

  • Hi Cardyn,

    I never sleep!  :)  Keeps me honest staying busy.  Nice to meet you and I'll add you to my twitter. :) 

  • Welcome, Nikki! And congrats on your publishing and recent academic achievements. (When do you sleep? -smile) 

    My twitter: @CardynBpresents 

    Very best wishes to you in all of your endeavors!

  • Hi All,

    New member to the groups on this site not new to She Writes.  I'm just trying to utilize it more and so I was off exploring when I found this group.  I'm so glad.  I'm a published author of Interracial romances since 2012.  My plans this year is to continue to publish IR (I adore IR romance).  I write Erotic IR under Nikki Prince and I've written IR YA Romance under Kevay Gray.  The last two years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 I spent getting my Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree both in English and Creative Writing concentration in fiction.  I'm currently in another MA (English as I wanted more Literature) but I'm taking that slower than accelerated of two classes each 10-week session, I'm now doing 1 class each 10 weeks and I have five more classes left after this new session starting 1/16/2017.  My website can be found and I'm on twitter here:@authornprince and my facebook is:  I look forward to talking with you all.