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I'm curious how many of us submitted memoir, narrative nonfiction, or more standard non-fiction. Anyone want to share?
  • Bonnie Joy - As a wet behind the ears freelance journalist and a new mother, an editor assigned me a story- sexual abuse. To make a long story short - I ultimately acquiesced and interviewed two mothers of victims. I cried. They cried. Perhaps to be more accurate, I nearly had a come apart in the process of writing that piece. Dancing on the fringes of a world I knew not, I was shocked, overwhelmed, and off-balance. The article appeared in black and white, but the stories will always linger. In the decade since, I volunteer time and resources to our local Child Advocacy Center (CAC). I am a professed recovering fundraiser and yet, I chaired the first ever annual fundraising event for the CAC, I sit on the board and continue to give both of my time and talents to help raise awareness and much needed funding to help innocent children who have become victims in the epidemic problem. Thank you for sharing your story (I read it on your website) – I think it is important and I wish you the best of luck. Mary
  • I submitted an excerpt from the memoir I've just finished this year, after 12 years of work. It's called "That's What She Didn't Say" and it's about breaking the stigma of surviving sexual abuse. It's written with a sense of comedy whenever appropriate and has a focus on being accessible though always genuine- I've always looked for a book like this and never found one- so I decided to write one. Check out my query and chap 1 on my site under "WRITING" if anyone is interested. Good luck everyone!
  • I've really enjoyed reading all these. Thanks everyone for sharing. I, myself, submitted political non-fiction --- a book about why the progressive movement is failing (or doesn't even exist, really) and how to get it --- and the country --- back on the winning track. Someday I hope to have a life exciting enough to warrant a memoir. Hopefully of a James Bond with breasts variety...
  • Brooke right back at ya in regards to your loss! Fires scare the bajeezus out of me too! There is always some kind of natural disaster no matter where we all live. I just roll with the punches at this point! Or at least try to as best I can. =) Sounds like you do too. Best wishes to you...Amy
  • I'm sorry you also had to live through a fire... and then two evacuations! I often think we need to move to a less wildfire-prone area because they scare the bajeezus out of me!