Memoir, narrative nonfiction, other
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I'm curious how many of us submitted memoir, narrative nonfiction, or more standard non-fiction. Anyone want to share?
  • My first book was a creative nonfiction memoir, I Closed My Eyes, 1999. I just finished my fourth book, a follow-up to that. Love the genre.
  • I guess my book is more standard non-fiction. I write on the subject of living the life of faith, and my book is about ten principles for thriving, not just surviving, the storms of life. It goes beyond the Serenity Prayer, which simply recognizes the necessity of not battering ourselves against things we can't change, and suggests how we can live through such experiences with a sense of fulfillment and peace.
  • I submitted a portion of my memoir. Thanks for starting the discussion, I was curious about the same thing. How bout you, what did you submit?