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I'm curious how many of us submitted memoir, narrative nonfiction, or more standard non-fiction. Anyone want to share?
  • Thank you so much for your support and words. I have done workshops but always wonder 'is this something people really want to read'? Well, I hope so and your encouragement helps. Thanks.
  • Brooke - I love the structure and the rebuilding metaphor. We could all benefit by tearing down the walls we have crafted and rebuild our lives. I think you definately have something here as I enjoy the way you have outlined the concepts! BTW - I was just out mowing the lawn and came across a snake! I hate snakes - so I am sitting here wishing for concrete walls around my yard!
  • Brooke, I also feel your pain to the core. Back in the 80's I lost everything to a fire and I have also been evacuated twice for wildfires here in Cali. I soooo get what you are going through. Isn't it amazing that we have to FIGHT for what's right? Power and greed somehow take over the minds and hearts of people who used to be just like us and then their positions made them lose their minds. It's a sad way to live. I refuse to go there. Ever. Here's to us becoming stronger and always fighting for what's right! Don't ever change. Amy
  • Though our stories have a different catalyst, there are definitely similarities. We have continued to fight with the power company who caused the fire to maintain their land to prevent a fire from happening again. In my mind, it's not only smart business-wise, it's the right thing to do. I also have a weird thing about water, and people think I'm nuts. (For a long time I would only use bottled water to brush my teeth.) Then when I lived in D.C. it came out that lead was leeching into the water. I felt slightly vindicated. I'm just so sorry you've had to endure such a rough couple of years.
  • Thank you, and I think yours is too. I know a little bit about OCD and can only imagine how difficult, and at times surreal, it must have been to grow up like that. It is wonderful that you are very close with your own children. As for insights - I hope I never run out of them. For me, it's all about learning and growth. :)
  • Mary, I can't tell you and Michelle how much it means to me to hear this from people "out in the world" that had not heard our story. The loss and illnesses were bad enough but the "justice system" has been even more difficult to deal with. When you hurt someone and destroy someone's business you are supposed to do the right thing...right? Innocent parties having to fight? It's so wrong. So thank you both for your words of encouragement! It makes me that much more determined! Good thoughts and best wishes sent to both of you. Amy
  • I'll let you in on a little secret Brooke. I struggled with the title - so your words are a welcome gift and I thank you.
  • My mom has severe OCD and has not been properly treated. Her focus is constantly turned inward. I haven't felt like I've had a mom for most of my life, even though she is around. I'm the one who's bipolar. I take a constellation of pills every day and have done so since 1990. My kids grew up with a wacky mom whose mood could change quickly under stress. They're in their 20's now. If I'm getting on their nerves, they tell me. We are very close. My husband is very grounded and enjoys my unorthodox creativity. Just not all of the time. People wouldn't know I'm bipolar until they were around me for days, and then only if they were constantly taking my emotional temperature. Your story is incredible and a testimony to your ability to survive under adverse conditions. There are a lot of insights to be gleaned from your experience. My guess is you haven't tapped into the half of it.
  • Brooke, There is a lot in my book about learning to listen to and trust our Feminine Voice. Sadly, that voice often gets labeled by our society as the Bitch (even by other women). I too have been admired for my outspokenness, but I think I'm now quite over being embarrassed by it:) Writing has been a huge tool for that. Thanks for your interest in my book.
  • I too am sickened by your loss! Recovering mentally, emotionally and physically is rough and very very sad, but the financial and relational destruction coupled with the situation is nearly a perfect storm. I wish you the best of luck in creating a new dream and a new life and please always fight for what is right! As you process and emerge from the "middle of the mess" I hope the light at the end is very bright. Thank you so for sharing this piece of your memoir.