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I'm curious how many of us submitted memoir, narrative nonfiction, or more standard non-fiction. Anyone want to share?
  • Michelle, Thanks for the kind words. It has been beyond rough but we are making it through! We had a candy/gift store. Candy and sewer....well, you get the idea. I will never look at water the same again. However now I am on to a new dream and building a new life from the ground up. Perseverance and patience. =) Good luck to all of us! No matter who is a finalist or who wins we truly are all winners for putting ourselves out there, sharing with each other, and just going for it! It's so cool! Amy
  • Another story that I would be very interested in reading. I am very sorry for your hardships Amy, and glad that you and your husband have made it through stronger than ever. What kind of business was it? (And might I add - YUCK! Drinking sewer - the thought has my stomach spinning and churning)
  • Sadly, my friend's mother has passed on, after having been diagnosed schizophrenic, and given lithium (a terminal dose). This was many years ago. My heart aches for him too. It is a different world now, and his mom would be much better taken care of. The world really has made incredible strides in medicine (and technology, of course). I don't know whether or not my biological mother had bouts of depression. I am not positive I would have recognized it if I had seen it. As for the men - I have come to believe that they were her way of trying to 'fit in' to a world she didn't understand. Her effort to have a 'normal' relationship, and perhaps to try to find someone who would take care of her. Inevitably the men would prey on her children and she would shrug it off and go find another. From a psychological standpoint, it is a fascinating case. How about you, Lisa? Is your mom better? Receiving the proper medication and care? And you - how did you come out of it all? (Yes, I will wait for the book if I have to :) )
  • I submitted a memoir about the loss of our business and loss of my dream due to a water misconnection of all things. We found out that for almost 2 years we had been drinking and using reclaimed SEWER water instead of drinking water in the new building we had moved our business to! All of us were sick, our business was destroyed by bad press (yes there is such a thing as bad press), and we have been financially and emotionally devastated for the last 3 years fighting the water dept, city, landlord, developer, et al. Justice? My business partner and her husband divorced because of the mess and my husband and I have become stronger and stronger. Same path...different forks. It's all about creating a new dream, a new life, fighting for what's right, starting over, priorities, and coming out on the other side even stronger than before. We are still in the middle of the mess but I refuse to give up or give in. I am creating an authentic life in the midst of some very "unathentic" actions by others. Karma. =)
  • My heart aches for your friend. His mom either isn't on meds or isn't on the right combo. He deserves a healthy mom. I myself am bipolar. Luckily my kids were very young when I was diagnosed. Your mom sounds bipolar or schizophrenic. The two diseases resemble one another. It's just the fact that your mom surrounded herself with so many men makes me wonder if she's not bipolar. There are many forms of mania, and hypersexuality is one of them. Did she have bouts of depression?
  • I just found your post, and I have to ask, which Ozarks? Missouri or Arkansas? I spent the best hours of my childhood in the Missouri Ozarks, and I have many memories of great experiences in the Arkansas Ozarks. Where were you?
  • At present, my examples are all biblical characters, but I am searching for examples in life. The thing is, those who are thriving don't make good press. I feel that I do live my principles, although certainly not to perfection, but I don't want the book to be about me.
  • Hi Lisa, it is quite a phenomenon, growing up through or around mental illness. It really does lead to some humorous thoughts and moments as well as heart wrenching or even terrifying ones. I would be very interested in reading your story, (obviously it hits close to home for me). I have a close friend whose mother was bi-polar also. When he talks about her there is a profound sadness that seeps into him, making it almost painful to look into his eyes. I am sure he would be interested in reading your story as well - if only to know that he was not alone in that journey. I am not sure the exact term that would be used for my biological mother, there was no formal diagnosis that I am aware of. It would be a good thing to research for this project, if only to help me understand how a mind like hers worked, and what her motivations were. What would you call a woman who truly believed she was married to the Archangel Gabriel, and had dinner parties with the 'Queen of Venus'?
  • Michelle, your memoir is a companion to my own. Except, my story chronicles the adventures of a bipolar mom. I have become passionate about the duties of the mentally ill--both to our families and society. That's not to say I don't recognize the humor of my manic beliefs some 20 years ago.