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I'm curious how many of us submitted memoir, narrative nonfiction, or more standard non-fiction. Anyone want to share?
  • As a former special educator, this sounds fascinating. I know how important it can be to engage our kids beyond multiple choice, and I think that parents need a guide for how to teach their kids some of the skills that are missing in our current standardized testing environment.
  • I love your title and think that many can relate to that feeling of being out of place even without having traveled so far!
  • I struggle with being an outspoken female because in my family, in particular, that trait is not considered desirable. I always loved the title of the anthology Bitch in the House because it so accurately described the role I considered myself to play. I actually have been *admired* for my outspoken nature, but I feel a duel sense of pride and embarrassment in my ability to express myself. I look forward to seeing where your project goes!
  • Actually a power surge caused a piece of metal to melt off a power line (the piece wasn't supposed to be there) and ignited a field of brush below. Fifty mile an hour winds didn't help! We were driving home, and my husband ran into the neighborhood ablaze to get out our dog and a few photo albums. The book is tentatively structured with three sections in reverse order of a house: Roof, Walls, Foundation. The idea being that I always felt a child would complete me and our family in the same way a roof completes a house. We prepared for his arrival the same way any other expectant couple would. The loss of *his* home, even though he was yet to be born, was at least equally devastating as the loss of *my* home. The second section focuses on how the loss of our house ultimately tore down the walls that I had built around myself to protect me throughout my young life by opening myself to a community that wanted desperately to help. And the third section is about rebuilding our home and about creating a new emotional foundation for myself that required me to let go of a lot of the control I thought I had. (I still struggle with this, but I'm getting there. I've considered going sky-diving as the ultimate loss of control, but I'm still not sure I can!) I'm not entirely sure that answers your question, so if not, let me know!
  • My husband has ADHD and I still struggle with that compulsive need to "fix." I wonder if that's a female thing!
  • That sounds really interesting Katherine. I'm curious if you will include stories of people who have managed to do so. I know in my own life traumas, it always was great to read that I *should* react a certain way when my whole body was viscerally reacting differently.
  • I submitted a section of my YA Urban Fantasy. My life is too boring to memoir any of it, so fiction is way more fun. Good luck to everyone!
  • Thanks Mary, This book and its topic is a huge passion of mine. Growing up as the only girl in a large family of males (my mother died when I was young) it was a long and winding road to feeling positive about my gender. However, I now LOVE being a woman and it breaks my heart to meet women who express and act on hidden misogyny in their own hearts and lives. As a primary classroom teacher in my younger days, I once met a woman who admitted to me that she hated her own 11-year-old daughter. When I asked her why she answered, "because she's a girl". The fact that a woman could be so programmed with self-gender hate that she would hate her own daughter (and obviously herself) appalled me. But it also made me look at myself and recognize that, to a certain extent, most women carry that message internally to a lesser degree.
  • Oh, thanks for that agent info Alle. Really helpful and I'm glad you think the project sounds that viable. I'll get back to you after we see how the contest goes. Cheers, Ripley