How will you wait?
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I'm grateful that the waiting period for the announcement of finalists is going to be so short. Even so, waiting even one week is rough, isn't it? So how will you wait - with admirable patience, by throwing yourself into other projects (Passion what? I'm too busy!), or so anxiously you almost - almost - wish you hadn't entered to begin with? As for me, I will be mostly impatient with occasional bouts of productivity, followed by a roller coaster of self-criticism lows and self-love highs. Whatever you do, I hope the days pass quickly!
  • They're announcing the finalists on the main page of She Writes at 1 pm EST.
  • Does anyone know whether the announcement of finalists has been made yet? I thought it was today, but I can't find anything on the site! Are/were finalists notified by email? Thanks!
  • Patience is a virtue, but I wonder if you have to be born with it? My genes don't have the code found in saints. Instead, my speech is repetitive: She Writes, contest, passion, signs. I awake at 5 am, jolted by anticipation. This is an irritated bliss of sorts, and I'm thankful for it.
  • I actually had the good fortune to be able to teach a workshop that was the starting point of my book project during this month. I keeps me focused on the concept of the book while giving me the opportunity for the material to mature. I'm sure I will have a better book after this experience. Even if I don't win, the submission process and this workshop carry me forward to my ultimate goal. Thank you, She Writes.
  • I would love to read the submissions, too. Of course, that many of even the most exciting proposals is still an overwhelming weight, I'm sure. Ann, I love your passion! Mine is to validate and provide a healing environment for women who have experienced abuse (emotional and physical) as well as other violations that society tends to deem as smaller somehow, like molestation or voyeurism. I think women (and men, too) have been fractured not only by such experiences, but also by others' reactions (and utter lack of reactions) to them.
  • Ahhh. Patience my dear. I would love to take a survey to see if patience is an atribute that grows with age? Are my fellow 50 year olds as anxious? I love when Michelle wrote that she is going to keep writing as if she has won. And really we all have, by even entering. We are all moving forward and the ability to partake in the continued journey is available to all of us! And I agree with Ann, in thinking of the women who are voluntarily reading all our submissions! I'm almost more jealous of them than the winner... how fun to be reading all our diverse entries!!!
  • I am relieved that I have a trip planned, and later in the month will be high in the Alps. Everyday thoughts disappear with distance. The place where we will be staying grows all its own vegetables, and the milk, butter, and cheese are local. I may swell under my clothes, but hope to walk it off in the clear air. My thoughts about the Passion Project will rest with the women who took on the job of reading almost 300 entries...and I thought teaching was time-consuming... On our trip, I will stop counting the days. What are the passions of all of you? Mine is to change the social atmosphere surrounding abortion so that young women will not have to endure harrassment and ridicule when seeking one.
  • My August is full-on in every way, so I don't think I'll even notice the wait to be honest. That is one reason I felt good about entering. I knew I'd be too distracted to pine and wonder. Will I still pine and wonder? Does a bear... well you get the idea. Of course, I will, but only when I'm relaxing from all the other stuff. LOL